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    Green Sony cells just suck

    Had one of these (US18650VT3) just die from just sitting in a power bank with no use, it is completely open circuit._
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    18650 cells can take a lickin'..

    Kreosan turned one to flare with far less damage from a hammer, was the cell discharged before it was smashed like this?_
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    Disposable e-cig li-ion batteries

    I have a 1 1/2 Monte Pero coffee jars full of these cells. I need to source some of these SMD resistors first, but it looks like if to keep it 24/7 the charge current will drop down to 200mA quite fast._
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    Disposable e-cig li-ion batteries

    I got 7 small 3,7V batteries out of a disposable e-cigarettes I salvaged. Are these cells any good&rechargeable? I know bigclive got few to successfully recharge._
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    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    Found these in a Sony VGP-BPS2C battery pack. Cell origin: Japan, capacity 2600mAh. Last 8 digits are probably serial number as all 6 have different numbers._
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    Charging with Bench Power Supply?

    It's risky as the bench power supply may not be accurate enough to limit the voltage output. You can get a lithium battery charger boards (TP4056A based works a treat) from aliexpress dirt cheap and feed 5 volts from power supply to the board._
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    Sanyo UR18650A Cell Specifications

    Little clarification about different color rings: UR18650A's manufactured in Korea has white ring, but ones made in Japan has purple. Got both out of two Dell J1KND battery packs that stated the cell origin._
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    Another Question Regarding Cell Voltages

    YR1030+ uses an USB plug for connecting probes with device which is not great for measuring low resistance.
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    Pouch & Prismatics in the database?

    I think the problem with pouch and prysmatic cells is that there are too many different sizes to be useful to reuse unless you want to make USB power banks out of 1-8 cells or a mosaic out of cells. Here's my start though.
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    Sanyo UR18650A Cell Specifications

    Have 7 of these with R2112 serial number, charged 3 with one UR18650F mixed in a 4 cell charger (usb power bank M09)and UR18650A-s went scolding hot at 500mA charge current while been half way from fully charged._
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    Sanyo UR18650F Cell Specifications

    I have 5 UR18650F L37 with red ring and almost translucent red sleeve. Cells have LHTFJ15 112875 printed onto metal under the sleeve._
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    LG LGDB318650 Cell Specifications

    I also have a single specimen in dark purple wrapping and white insulator. Serial numberH2663806664 NI223D8B3._
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    Hello from Estonia.

    I am an electrician, 33 years old, single,currently living in a single room apartment in Tallinn. Just recently I found quite a few18650 so I started to research on building my own power wall.
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    Your thoughts on flat batteries

    I'm exploring the possibility of reusing pouch cells as well, currently I have three different packs of 4*11,4Wh pouches, 6*7,33Wh(1930mAh) pouches and 3*unknown prismatics._
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    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    Found 8 pcs. of Samsung ICR18650-22HU that seemed to be missing from database. Light green wrapper, white insulator.