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    Tesla Tesla Tesla

    Do you have a link to your work examples or build thread here on the forum? I would like to do this and am happy to document my progress as it happens
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    Tesla Tesla Tesla

    thanks Ill send you a PM. Have you got s thread showing your work? Its a model S
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    Tesla Tesla Tesla

    Hey guys, I have managed to secure a crashedTesla with the aim of using the battery pack modules as home energy storage. Can anyone here point me in the right direction for going this route?
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    Richie`s Modular Powerwall (Germany) 21kWh+

    Love it. Looking forward to see it develop.
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    rapidly serviceable battery settup

    I understand the resistance side of things but the only reason they become brittle is through heat cycling. So if current is low there is no reason to believe it will get hot and become brittle. I worked with all kinds of metals and spring steels as a fabricator for 10 years. [hr]
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    rapidly serviceable battery settup

    Yes nickel plated steel springs.I am hoping that with 6 banks of 14 modules load will be extremely minimal for each cell/pack. though to beginwith I intend running two banks of 14.That should limit draw to less than .02 of an amp for each cell under full house hold load. Do you see this being an...
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    rapidly serviceable battery settup

    you have a 29000 cell powerwall???????? not sure what you are saying above sorry? Printing off the first of many of the positive side of the chassis. I ordered rolls and rolls of"watermelon red" PLA for the positive side of the chassis...turns out its pink :D :exclamation: :huh: :D...
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    rapidly serviceable battery settup

    Because heat is a non issue with these units as current draw is so low.
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    rapidly serviceable battery settup

    Hey mate, Thanks again for the design share. I added the stop bars in each cell pocket to give me a consistent distance for spring connection. Re the packaging the fuses are the real design challenge but will be incorporated into one side of the compression plate that sandwiches the whole...
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    rapidly serviceable battery settup

    Hi guys, looong time no post. I have been lurking and designing the chassis for my build and it has taken a long time to land for me as I want to be able to quickly service my modules (P120) and not have to solder or cut anything to do so. props to another forum member AJW22 here for their STL...
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    AJW22's modular 3d printed 60kWh PowerShelf

    yes I have used your design as a startng point for my own STL design which i will upload some pics shortly. The speed of the print is an important thing but I have edited my design for high speed serviceability using sprung connections from nickle strips rather than soldered connections. Thanks...
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    Nissan Leaf powerwall

    what is your total storage capacity?
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    Nickel sheets

    Hi, I am developing my connection concept and instead of using copper bus bars looking to create nickel sheets with sprung connection/fusepunchedinto them. I need some sheeting to test my concept and so... My question is where is best to by sheets of Nickel? aliexpress? i need them 350 by 135...
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    Hi from Aotearoa 40-60kwh build 432P 14S MAYBE MOOOOORE

    great input thanks mate. very thoughtful of the size and maintenance of the pack. I will be building it as a 108P - 14S and adding the modules as you say.