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    Yet another MOT Spot Welder

    I decided to try a MOT spot welder because I realized that I already had most of the parts lying around. I had the MOT, an old PC power supply case, a SSR, an old phone charger, various circuit components and other small stuff. After reviewing a few MOT based spot welder builds, I am trying a...
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    Go Kart Top Speed Calculus

    I tried running the numbers as I would for a car from a mechanical standpoint using a calculator on the web at I used 6 as the tire diameter, 1 for the transmission gear and 4 for gear 1. The calculator will return a table with RPM and ground speed...
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    Gokart battery

    When you say template, are you asking about how to arrange the 18650's to fit in a "standard" battery space ? I am starting to look at the possibilities for a 24v scooter and stacked some cells next to the (2*12v) batteries to be replaced to get how many cells I can fit into the...
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    FCDS - FERCSA's charger/discharger station. (MM giveaway inside!)

    Hi Fercsa, Update on the Grafana dashboard I have been using to operate my tester. On the left side there is a table that shows the status of all the tester slots. Rather than use a table for each group of 8 cells, this version has one table to show the status of 24 cells. There is a...
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    SecondHandPower Cell tester build

    Update on the Grafana dashboard. On the left side there is a table that shows the status of all the tester slots. Rather than use a table for each group of 8 cells, this version has one table to show the status of 24 cells. There is a scroll bar to see the additional rows. The columns...
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    Requirements to ship loose Cells

    I did some research in this area a couple of weeks ago as I was lining up some visits to local computer shops to gather some laptop packs for the hobby. In the process, I did some asking around at the local university hospital where they have lots of crash carts and equipment carts that are...
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    My 18xx bin re-visited

    Ok, so Thanks @Wolf for offering to take a look at those (10) cells to see what they say to you and the 4 wire testing you do. I have been continuing with my clean-up efforts... I am trying to get all the previously tested cells into their proper bin once I have tested everything with my new...
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    My 18xx bin re-visited

    Hi @Wolf, I pitcked out more than a couple... the 6 greenies are Samsung ICR18650-22 [F|FU|H|HU] ranging from 19xx to 14xx mAHlh. On the Sanyo UR18650F's, there is a leaker/heater and a really low mAhand 18xx, 17xx. The silver writing shows my most recent test results Here is the format...
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    My 18xx bin re-visited

    No problem. Let's be clear, the test is a two tier DC load test where the I.R. Is calculated. I was thinking about sending some cells to @Wolf if he would be willing to check the I.R. Using the 4-wire method so I could know the delta between these techniques. My concern is reliability of...
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    Barcodes and the process

    I tried to see if Open office could connect to the database and it would not connect using the Access and Access 2017 file types. Thanks for the offer to share. Done with barcodes (?) I found it a pain to add barcode labels to each cell, and to give meaning to the barcode, I needed to write...
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    My 18xx bin re-visited

    Here is the next batch of 10 cells.... these were charged on TP4056 and storedin the binfully charged for months. The last cell in this series, SM12 / Slot 6 had the lower resting voltage, itdischarged fastest and had the longest charge time. The mAh is in the high 17xx... wonder if this cell...
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    My 18xx bin re-visited

    I am working on the new test process with my FCDS build and have some cycle charts to share. Since we are at a New Year, I decided to go through the cells I have tested last year on the Opus, the TP4056 and early FCDS and make some charts so I can see the nature of these cells that tested to be...
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    SecondHandPower Cell tester build

    I have been exercisingthe tester over the past week, with some good fortune on my rpi support processor. I used @Daromer's rpi image as a starting point because I liked the way the Grafana charts looked... so I requested help from @Fercsa to get the FCDS tester to write to Influx and he provided...
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    Barcodes and the process

    @Grumplestiltskin, I have Apache OpenOffice Base...that may work. Will be happy to check it and see. Thanks
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    Spring mod on a standard cell holder

    Hi Chablis, The laptop battery case material is kind of thin and brittle. It may be possible if you can cut it without splitting.