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    BMS compatible with Solax Gen2 Hybrid

    Useful info, thanks. SolaX guard their protocol and are apparently useless at responding to customer requests, but no doubt it is out there somewhere. I've been discouraged by a report on the comprehensive Australian battery testing site that had issues with CALB cells and separate BMS, so for...
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    BMS compatible with Solax Gen2 Hybrid

    I think Batrium will do it expensively, but is there another BMS I can use with 16 CALB cells in conjunction with this inverter? It needs to mimic a Pylontech or LG Chem I guess. Am I right in thinking that a Daly with CAN would not work due to Solax proprietary protocols?
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    Hello from New Zealand (Blenheim)

    Are you still using this setup? Curious about which BMS can talk to the Solax inverter...