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    Sont Battery information is incorrect for V, VT etc.

    I've been pulling a lot of Makita battery packs apart, most contain V and VT cells, these I have found are generally rated 8A-20A, but the database has them listed as 260, 300mA etc..... Since these cells are very common, you may want to upgrade them, or correct the information. this includes...
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    Makita Battery 18V 5Ahrs

    If they are real Makita batts and not fakes etc. The Sony batts are 30-35A (C4-C8) batts and are very good. Mikita also use Sansung 15M/15M/25R for some packs. 23A rated. Great for e-Bike etc. I'd buy one from eBay and check first, seems a little to good to be true.
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    Sony SF US18650V Cell Specifications

    Yes, I concur, 1500mA from drill packs. Makita also use Samsung 15R/25R as well, which are rated 23A to 30A discharge max. I suspect that these are the same. Suitable for eBike etc.