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  1. CarelHassink

    ALL SOLD: VW e-UP! prismatic cells, Europe

    ALL SOLD, working on a new batch, check my page So we got a batch of e-UP! GEN1 battery blocks each block 6Sx2P 1.068kWh prod Jan 2018 + Jan 2019. 25Ahr tech capacity, tested over 90% till 98% SOH Easy to take apart, drill-out 4 rivets, and the single cells slide out...
  2. CarelHassink

    NISSAN cells/full packs 24-40kWh

    Cool, yes I can get Tesla's, but what about Nissan batteries...? well this week we chased up quite a number 1x LEAF GEN1 24kWh pack 48cells price 55/cell 2x eNV200 GEN2 24kWh pack 48cells price = ask seller 2x LEAF GEN2 24kWh pack 48cells price = ask seller 1x LEAF GEN3 30kWh pack 24cells...
  3. CarelHassink

    Nissan Leaf cells/packs EUROPE

    Continental Europe, location the Netherlands 1713GC Obdam Cool, yes I can get Tesla's, but what about Nissan batteries...? well this week we chased up quite a number 2x Nissan E-NV200 24kWh 2017 build 1x Nissan E-NV200 40kWh 2018 build, under reserve 2x Nissan Leaf 30kWh 2017 build 2x Nissan...
  4. CarelHassink

    GEN2 Nissan E-NV200 2018 pack

    for sale: 3250 location Netherlands, just 40km north of Amsterdam collect,or shipped against cost EU only, ask for shipping quote 6200Km's Nissan E-NV200 Gen2 24Kwh pack first reg 2 Feb 2018 from reg 16 Nov 2019 dismantled 07 Dec 2019 purchased 10 Dec 2019 SOC 65.6% SOH 93.3% pack voltage...
  5. CarelHassink

    Victron: New kid on the block>>MultiPlusII-GX-48V5000

    Hi all, living in the Netherlands, Europe. home of the Victron inverters, today Igot hold of the latest Victron Q1 2020 pricelist 1) MultiPlusII-GX 48V-5000Va coming in March 2020. more kick... all in one box 2) Carlo GavazziNetmeter ET340, coming February 2020, now with ethernet, and support...
  6. CarelHassink

    FS: second-life EV batteries

    For Sale: Yesterday I received a couple of second-life ev batteries 1x 25.9Kwh Renault Zoe battery production date 2015/11/12 14400km's 1x 24Kwh Nissan E-NV200 battery production date 2014 week 12 14600km's 1x 24Kwh Nissan E-NV200 battery production date 2016 week 42 4800km's next to these...
  7. CarelHassink

    GS YUASA LEV50N cells (EU only)

    Selling: GS YUSA LEV50N prismatic cells I have ~240 pcs at hand, minimum order = 1 plastic container with 4 LEV50N cells Shipping = 45 (to all EU countries using GLS parcel service) for a max of 8 cells or less, packed in plywood parcelbox, lined with styrofoam (to protect cells, see photo's)...
  8. CarelHassink

    B + D-grade Tesla modules

    End of year sale Tesla modules B-grade 4 modules 5.3Kwh 2014 build Tesla model S 85D, tested Cac 227A =93% from new, with dismantling damage priced: 775/module D-grade 2 modules 5.3Kwh 2017 build Tesla modelS 75D tested Cac to be 241A self discharging cell#3 due to coolant spill, only to...
  9. CarelHassink

    Reverse engineered SIMPbms now working on SMA Sunny Island series

    Hello All, I've been working on a new test rigg. SMA Sunny Island LV DC inverter charger + Simpbms + GS YUASA LEV40N/50N cellblocks with CMU I've reported earlier on the SIMP bmshere The current firmware version of SIMPbms can adres 10 unique cmu ID. so max set-up =5S16P ~12Kwh LEV40N or 14Kwh...
  10. CarelHassink

    reverse-engineered BMS, Teensy3.2 based, working with Tesla module oem slaveboard

    A while ago I picked up a conversation between Tom dBree and Daniel Boekel in another forum "" Tom and Daniel were involved in developing this reverse engineered board based on the work of Colin Kidder It's based on a Teensy 3.2 +Tom's refined code/board...
  11. CarelHassink

    EU, location Netherlands Yuasa LEV50 cells, and more

    Near Amsterdam. YUASA LEV50N (Ah) cells 47.50 M8 terminals, see specsheet for details 88 cells donorcar 2014 74 cells donorcar 2013 LEV50 43.25 Victron Quattro inverters 24V 48V 5000W, inquire shipping: small volume plywood box, EU 32kg GLS 45 pallet= 145 to Germany, etc more countries just...
  12. CarelHassink

    Victron ESS kit Multiplus/4x VictronLithium batteries

    Closed: sold to Joris, he's converting a Tiny House to off-grid Carel te koop/for sale Victron Multiplus 24V/3000/70-50 2x AC, newest small size chipset Victron Lithium smart batteries 4 units 12,8V 90Ah 4,5Kwh l Victron VE-bus bms + cables Victron CCGX Color controll Carlo Gavazzi energy...
  13. CarelHassink

    Tesla drive batteries, complete packs

    Location: continental Europe, Netherlands B2B preferred ADR compliant shipping UNCODE3480 can be arranged Crossing seas, hmm,a costly problem.... Tesla models S AWD 90D (90Kwh) build 2016 56800km's Tesla model S 70D (70Kwh) build 2016 28400km's full packs, dismantled into modules, checked...
  14. CarelHassink

    KINGS day offer 16Kwh Yuasa LEV50 cells Victron Quattro Batrium 14S, complete kit

    Yesterday, I did a road trip, delivered 1 Tesla pack to Lucas collected an i-Miev 16Kwh battery-pack bought an overstock Victron Quattro 5kVA Today, I parted out the i-MIEV pack,16Kwh of li-ion cells 88cells in total, matching nicely a 14S6P 52.5Vnom 300Ah 15.75Kwh ESS. 4 cells as hotspare OK...
  15. CarelHassink

    Pic's of breakdown....TESLA model S P85D drive battery

    dismantled today, Monday 26/3, ready for shipping, including the battery case graveyard Reserved, pending payment serious buyer, expect this Tesla pack beingsold. I make it my business to source, purchase, and resell EV/PHEV batteries...
  16. CarelHassink

    YUASA LEV40 prismatic cells 40Ah LiMnO2

    selling: second-lifeYUASA LEV40 prismatic cells 200+ available, minimum order is 1 LEV40-8 = 8 cells in plastic container (see photo) nominal voltage 3.75V operating voltage range 2.75 to 4.1V terminal M8 max charge current 10-40 Celsius 125A continuous dischargecurrent 300A continental...
  17. CarelHassink

    For sale: continental Europe OPEL Ampera 16Kw pack

    SOLD 4/3 to Jan Masa Czech Republic Opel Ampera li-ion battery pack 16Kwh donor car road license from 11/2012, crashed 11/2017 60.000km's shipping ADR uncode 3480 available, only continental Europe,only road,no seas local pick-up preferred. Interested?? sent e-mail to
  18. CarelHassink

    biggest residential record???

    Hello, I got some news in the mail this morning, even in the Netherlands this is news..., CarelHassink
  19. CarelHassink

    Batrium pre-charge??

    Hello All, At the moment running a 72Kwh 56.25nomV 1280Ah ESS with a REC BMS, see my introduction earlier this weekend REC uses a pre-charge unit, in my case operated at 12V, with a 4 seconds delay pre-charge of the capacitors in the Sunny Islandinverter. In this set-up I use 400A Gigavac...
  20. CarelHassink

    Hello from Holland, Obdam

    New to this forum, but not entirely new using a Solar powered battery bank. I went another road, using second life phev Mitsubishi Outlander li-ionbatteries. I used theYuasa LEV40 cells, and build a 72kw 1280Ah 56,25 nomV battery The prismaticcells are 40Ah eachin a32P 15S configuration, a...