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    building a multi-voltage battery.

    What you want will definitely work, just like you said you need to pay a little more attention to things. I've done a similar thing with 2x18V packs. With limited hardware I run my e-bike at 36V, but charge it with an 18V charger.
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    Hybrid Inverter/charger for Tesla modules

    I think Carel is on the right track here. If the CAN can be figured out, then we can use some of these higher voltage inverters and a lot of options open up. I'm also curious if anyone knows what Enphase uses to talk to their AC batteries.
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    Silly question about 3kw solar, charger and battery

    If you already have a grid tied setup, like the OP, you want to build an AC coupled system with a hybrid inverter like the Victron mentioned previously. If you look up those systems, they go between your current inverter and the panel/grid and either let it feed your house, charge batteries, or...
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    Hybrid Inverter/charger for Tesla modules

    It is possible, but if you've seen any of the teardown videos, not an easy task. The S/X modules have like a giant plastic cell holder glued to the top of the cells and they both have coolant pipes running between all the rows. SMA just announced a high voltage inverter that said it accepted...
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    Rated output of Panel i am getting it all?

    What angle are the panels mounted at? For ideal sun this time of year, you would need the angle to be close to whatever latitude you are at. Flatter than that and less current is highly likely. Also, what voltage are you reading at your charge controller? There's likely a drop there as well...
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    SolarEdge (SE7600A-US) Inverter and custom battery pack?

    SMA just released a Sunny Boy inverter designed for high voltage packs. They will work with the same LG-Chem modules as the StorEdge as well as BYD Battery Box. The connections they show needing are the a "Battery Enable" and "Ground" as well as a 2 wire CAN connection. I'm guessing it's...
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    NEW - MPP Hybrid Inverter: LV 5KVA-48V

    Correct me if I'm wrong (still planning out what all is needed for my system), but aren't most hybrid inverters designed to be coupled with a grid-tie (AC) or MPPT/Charger (DC) and this one is special because it includes the MPPT (like an Outback Skybox). So this could be a 1 stop shop, to...
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    Hybrid Inverter/charger for Tesla modules

    I'm sorry if this has been discussed earlier, but I thought I scoured this section and didn't find it. Does anyone have any recommendations for a Hybrid inverter for the US market (works with split phase 240/120)that works well with the 12s you'd get out ofModel S/X modules or23s/25s you'd have...
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    Inverter for Nissan Leaf Powerwall

    Are you looking at using the Leaf pack As-is from a car, or rewiring the cells together? If you are changing them, just about everything 48V will work wonderfully with a 14S lithium setup.
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    SolarEdge (SE7600A-US) Inverter and custom battery pack?

    I'll third this as a interested to know. I wonder if it'd be easier to look at the other side, has anyone broken down a Tesla Powerwall or LG Chem to know what kind of communication it provides?
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    selection help: small inverter for storage, no solar

    It sounds like you want something like the inverter from pluggedsolar. It's designed for solar panels, but just plugs into a socket.
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    Sanyo UR18650F Cell Specifications

    To help those wondering about age, here's how you decode Sanyo's date. It is usually on it's own line, not with Sanyo or 18650. 1. The first letter = year. K =2006, L = 2007, M = 2008, N = 2009, O = 2010, P = 2011, Q = 2012, and so on. 2. The latter 3 numbers+letter = week. So just grabbing...
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    Montana Powerwall

    Are you still looking to get rid of this? I'm in ND, so if you'd take I-94 I'd be right on your way and you'd unload early in your trip. What all are you getting rid of, is it just the cells and pack or are you completely clearing house of all hardware and everything? Let me know.
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    18650 Battery Fire

    Is that cell where the positive wire used to be soldered? I think that black/burning is from the wire/busbar/cell holder. I think you had a short somewhere and things got really hot and melted around that cell. If you saw Average Joe's videos on fuse wire testing, these short runs of wire can...
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    Walmart 18650s

    This is interesting, in the Walmart's I have nearby, 1 is showing at regular price of $14.72 another has them for $7, and a 3rd at $11 for the 4 pack.
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    negative voltage on 18650

    I've gotten some of those, usually touch in parallel with a good cell a few times and see if the voltage straightens out. If it does, test as normal. They usually don't have more than half their capacity, but seem ok. I have yet to use any of them though.