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  1. Roland W

    Voltage(52v) showing between earth and neutral on output from inverter

    You cannot bond behind a RCCB. The Inverter is considered same level as you grid input. You must treat it that way. That's why you might have to use a transfer switch. One input is Grid other is Inverter. Output goes to the load panel, and there you bond (not at the Inverter terminal).
  2. Roland W

    How to attach temperature sensors

    I used that kind of heat sink plaster. And then i have covered the opposite exposed side of the sensor with packaging foam so that it only gets into contact with the cell side.
  3. Roland W

    Mixing battery designs in solar / powerwall system

    No, the flat part of LFP is between 3,2 and 3,4V. There is almost no extra energy from 3,4-3,65V in LFP. 3,5V is actually the best cutoff voltage for LFP cells. The range as he is stating is actually very sensible for both chemistries. A charge and discharge on that combination would look like...
  4. Roland W

    Mixing battery designs in solar / powerwall system

    SOC doesn't really matter as he is planing to use the full range of capacity anyways. Both chemistries will go from each top of curve to bottom of curve, just that the curves are different. It is exactly as @italianuser said, sometimes one battery will deliver more current, then the other...
  5. Roland W

    Eastron SDM630 wattmeter inaccurate warning!

    I do have the Eastron X835B with 200A/5A CTs, and only using Wattage for bi-directional information. It is working down to at least low double digit, if not single digit values. Always thought those meters have the same heart as the SDM630. Seems the 630 is as you pointed out, designed not to...
  6. Roland W

    Small battery inverter for on-grid AC home solution

    I agree that 70W is a lot. How much power are you planning to inject to your AC? I do not think there is any inverters with 10W standby power, and you would as well have efficiency losses during inverting (typically 3%). And then the round trip efficiency from the battery side. The smaller the...
  7. Roland W

    Small battery inverter for on-grid AC home solution

    Just went to check the idle consumption of my Sun2000GTIL (1000GTIL will be similar), and A-meter showed 0.31A AC which equals to 70W. DC side disconnected. This inverter is powered from the AC side, means from your grid, whenever you are not generating. Limiting is easy and automatic. You put...
  8. Roland W

    Connect bms daly 16S with active equalizer

    The circuit breaker is 2-pole and disconnecting both + and - ?
  9. Roland W

    Connect parallel for battery lifepo4 280ah

    That will work! You have just wasted money for extra BMSs and Balancers :) Could just have paralleled 3 cells and made a 16s3p pack with 1 BMS and 1 Balancer.
  10. Roland W

    AC Charging From excess solar

    Need to use a digital potentiometer: THB 38.63 5%OFF | PCS Great IT X9C103S Digital Potentiometer Board Module DC3V-5V for Arduino Like this, your MC is virtually turning the knob and changing resistance in the chip. They exist in different resistance values...
  11. Roland W

    Help for 3.2KW offgrid inverter

    In a modern installation, you would protect each individual circuit with a separate breaker. If there is a problem with a device, you would not lose the electricity of half of your house. And today, people of course as well do have much more devices. You can easily overload a breaker, if there...
  12. Roland W

    Help for 3.2KW offgrid inverter

    And you cannot split those 2 circuits into more separate ones? There is only 2 sets of wires coming into your service panel for loads? Must be a very small apartment, right?
  13. Roland W

    Help for 3.2KW offgrid inverter

    I am assuming that your apartment or house does have split your loads on more then 1 or 2 circuits, right :) A 2,5mm2 circuit can handle 16A continues (3,5kW), a 1,5mm2 13A (2,8kW). Your service panel will surely be rated to 80A. So in your case you are actually better of with your 5kW off-grid...
  14. Roland W

    Small battery inverter for on-grid AC home solution

    I am doing exactly that in my AC (coupled) - Powerwall project. Chargers for 48V are on the market in masses (low to high power outputs). You need to look for e-bike chargers or small vehicle chargers. As inverter it will be then the Sun1000GTIL with zero-export feature for a small system. For...
  15. Roland W

    What a wonderful community!

    Yes, correct. P is adding up Amps, S is adding up Voltage
  16. Roland W

    Battery inverter with controlable output

    I only know those 2 inverters which you have linked already. I am using the SUN2000 and it works great. There is no 3-phase battery inverter like those for DIY to my knowledge.
  17. Roland W

    Battery inverter with controlable output

    There are already several threads on the forum where people say exactly this with 3 phase systems. But there is absolutely no problem with zeroing out only one phase. Why do you think it would be? Is somebody telling you that that would crash the grid or something? That is a myth, and the...
  18. Roland W

    Battery inverter with controlable output

    But not clear how it is possible to tell the inverter how much to output without the CT. (I want to control it myself, not via the CT) Why would you want to control the output by yourself? An inverter with a CT is just designed to do what you want. No communication needed with wharhowever...
  19. Roland W

    Choosing a BMS for 48V Golf Cart Battery Project

    Yeah, sound much easier to begin with. Maybe plug that dehumidifier into a wattmeter for a few days and see how much energy it draws during a day. that would give you a rough idea on how much energy you need to store for it.