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    Help with Watchmon4 firmware upgrade.

    Hi I have just received my Watchmon4 system. I have installed Watchmon Toolkit 1.0.30. I have run the Teensy USB installer. I am using the supplied USB cable. The main power light is on and pulses off about every 5 seconds, the smaller light visible through the vent in the cover is mainly on...
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    Batrium wifi extender or USB connect over LAN

    Hi My Watchmon 4 will be located outside of my home in a steel cabinet with Inverter/ Charger etc. I wont get WiFi coverage there, I currently have an Enphase Envoy in my meterbox which is right next to it and had to run a LAN cable to it to get reliable comms. Ill be putting in a network switch...
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    TopMon information request

    Hi Does anyone have experience with the Batrium TopMons? Looks like they are a LongMon that is able to be directly bolted to busbars rather than the power cables of a LongMon. Thanks Jon
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    Batrium communication with Pi running Victron?s Venus firmware

    Hi Im looking at running a Batrium Watchmon6 (when theyre available) with a Victron Multiplus & Victron Venus firmware running on a Raspberry Pi 3B. The Watchmon to Venus communication is via CAN but the Pi 3B doesnt come with CAN. Has anyone run this setup that can suggest a CAN hat that works?
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    Fixed ratio bidirectional DC converter, help please.

    Im building a 14S bus bar system (Based on WIMs design) and Id like to have a 15th pack for use in case of issues with another pack. Im looking for a bidirectional DC Converyer that doesnt have fixed voltages on either side but rather a constant ratio between sides so that the 15th pack is...
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    Any AC coupled system experience or advice.

    Hi Because of the layout of our house roof and shading we have recently installed a microinverter PV system, 22 of 275Wpanels with 235W Enphasemicros. We're happy with the way the system is performing and have load shifted as much as practical with simple timers. This is an average day for us...
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    Hi from Burpengary, South East Queensland.

    Hi, been lurking for a while, only just joined. Mechanic by trade, worked in Oil and Gas last 20-ish years, office bound these days. Hobbies include old motorbikes (riding a MkIIILe Mans Guzzi I restored these days), messing with electronics,bushwalking and being a little self sufficient. Only...