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  1. emuland-metroman

    Looking for help - 500A peak BMS 12s/16s Lifepo4

    I'm looking for reliable 500A peak BMS, peak should be last around 3-5 min. I'm not sure that Daly BMS can handle that (and it cost around 500€) We need a couple to assemble a sample pack for EV. thanks
  2. emuland-metroman

    EUROPA - USED untested (but tested in range 1800/2300) SANYO 1S with bms tested few around 1800-2300 mah selling as is with 1s bms and cables
  3. emuland-metroman

    18650 "cells" friday EU (land - island ask )

    this week we do a 5% off when you close a "deal" with us . Promocode: NOVEMBER5% Shipping cost around 25 for 100 cells. Extra 100 cells only 5 more. Used tested cells Some cells need re - shrink Taken from faulty ebike battery Tested with OPUS 3100 v2.2 and 0.5 A...
  4. emuland-metroman


    pcb board One side 1s16P every slot of 4x 18650 holder has his own fuse. every PCB has a PCB fuse every PCB can push max 100 A peak (should be 150A on datasheet) Easy bms mount they can be stacked easy
  5. emuland-metroman

    Used TESTED 18650 Cells [EU only] [non EU country PM] Shipping cost around 25 for 100 cells. Extra 100 cells only 5 more. - Limited time offer : Shipping included! (cheaper than before...
  6. emuland-metroman

    python3 MPPSolar datalogger (alpha)

    i m trying to read from generic Pip inverter from win, but no luck. It works on Raspberry. anyone can help? ( Need to comment CMD="....") import serial, time import struct, string import shutil import os import csv from ctypes import c_ubyte, c_ushort from pathlib import Path from serial...
  7. emuland-metroman

    epsolar tracer datalogger (rs485)

    Hi guys, i've done a small guy (atm) that can read data from epsolar things. my tracer 2210a doesnt have any kind of dataloggin, so i want atleast to store somewhere data (atm csv next db) there is someone that need it ?(i need to test with as much type of solar charger of epsolar as i can)...
  8. emuland-metroman

    balancer self configurable? i think that can be "modified" to change relay to mosfet or transistor and make a easy 1s passive balancer. anyone have already make something orthink to make something with it? only to know before throw few bucks...
  9. emuland-metroman

    LiFe P04wall

    Lifepo4 cells recovered from electric bikes or 12v batteries Tested and tested with OPUS 0.5A Cells with Ah between 0.9 and 1.6. Average well above 1Ah but will be considered as such. Nominal voltage : 3.2V Full charge voltage 3.65V Set maximum effective charge voltage 3.5V Inverter 24V Charge...
  10. emuland-metroman

    cell database

    why not show mAh in first page? i understand that chemistry and other things need another page, but mah? that's a fast way to check what kind of cells atleast nominal voltage+ mah
  11. emuland-metroman

    Used 18650 Cells [EU only] [other country ask] Few photos about small testing station (we have more than one in multiple places) Soon (i wish) will have professional testing station (custom) with less result fluctuation. We can send to Albania too (small packages)...
  12. emuland-metroman

    [EU] Tested 18650 cells - more than 1000 pieces and growing

    Paoloemuland Link Celle usate e testate Alcune celle hanno bisogno di essere nuovamente rivestite Avr presto anche i rivestimenti. Smontate da batterie ebike non funzionanti o laptop (la maggior parte da ebike) Testate con OPUS 3100 V.2.2 a 0.5 A di scarica. Spediamo solitamente celle extra...
  13. emuland-metroman

    Asic - newbie

    There is some way to mine with asic (not bitcoin) and btw there is a how to for beginners / someone that help to introduce me in mining?
  14. emuland-metroman

    [EU] Tested used 18650 lion with Zanflare C4 0.5A

    Paoloemuland ebay link Used tested cells (i have 700 Lifepo4 to test and 900 Li-ion too) Some cells need re - shrink I can sell some shrink soon Taken from faulty ebike battery or laptop (most from ebike - ask before buy ) Tested with Zanflare C4 and 0.5 A discharge Result compared with...
  15. emuland-metroman

    IT (both Italian and Information Technology)

    Hi guys, i'm reading this forum for about 3-4 month and this is my first post. I'm an IT engineer, a teacher (safety,IT,school). I'm trying to build a customizable top balancer (passive/burning) I'm trying to start a new businnes with 18650 used cells. I'm going to buy (if i can) 60k cells...