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    SolarEdge (SE7600A-US) Inverter and custom battery pack?

    Asked last year if anyone out there has tried using the SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter and was able to couple it with a custom DIY Powerwall pack. Do not know if anyone has successfully done this. It is approved to use with Tesla and LG lithium Ion batteries. Not sure what would happen if one tried...
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    Batrium Low End Voltage & Questions

    This may have been covered elsewhere, but how low of a voltage is it safe for your battery pack to get before you allow it to recharge? My setup is 14s100p, charged from daylight to dusk with PCM60X mppt solar charger. Have a Schneider Conext SW4048 Inverter that can be used on or off grid...
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    PCM60X setup and MPPTracker software

    Just finished first night powering a portion of my house with my Powerwall 14s100p. Ran out of "juice" at 5:55 am, awakened by the beeping alarm from the UPS connected to my computers in the room next to my bedroom. Ran a lot of lights, computers, microware oven off and on. Still trying to get...
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    Batrium Toolkit for Android Tablet?

    May have been answered somewhere else, but is it possible to install the Batrium toolkit software and monitor remotely from and Android cell phone or tablet?
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    Longmon Is Hot, Display Temps Out Of Order

    Just installed Batrium BMS on 14s100p system, not yet connected to solar charging system, still powered by USB port, but 2 problems, one hardware and one software: Single longmon on pack #6 is VERY HOT with red LED either constantly on or flashing. No other longmons have RED leds lit. Verified...
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    Watchmon Power Fuse Size

    Have been to Batrium website and watched several you tube videos on Batrium install. Could not find what size/type of fuse recommendation for the connection from the battery pack to the Watchmon. Videos just state a fuse is recommended. My system is 14s100p, 48 volt system. This may have been...
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    How may KW of solar panels for 10 kwh powerwall

    Almost completed the battery testing phase, have at least enough high energy cells for 10 kwh DIY Powerwall. Have 2 grid tied SolarEdge Inverters, 7.6 kw StorEdge Inverter for 9.86 kw panels, and 5 kw SolarEdge Inverter for the other 6 kw of panels. Am still concerned that will not be able to...
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    Best PowerWall voltage for SolarEdge Inverters

    My electrician wants to know what is the best voltage for my DIY Powerwall for it to play nicely with either my 7.6 kw StorEdge Inverter, or my 5 kw regular SolarEdge Inverter. The 7.6 kw inverter is strung with 9.86 kw of solar panels, and the 5 kw inverter is strung with 6 kw of solar panels...