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  1. J

    Bus bar wire gauge

    I have a question regarding bus bar material. A neighbour is cladding their house in zinc. They have large off cuts and Im wondering if I can use this as bus bar rather than using striped and twisted household wire, or smashed down copper pipe. The zinc thickness is a couple of mm. Any ideas...
  2. J

    Micro-inverters for an established 240v grid-tie back to powerwall

    So I've been looking at the victron system as mentioned above and will do some more reasearch into what appears to be the 2 different options. But looking at solar side of things. My solar system seems to be working at reduced output because of the location of the panels and that some are now...
  3. J

    Micro-inverters for an established 240v grid-tie back to powerwall

    Welcome to my build thread. I'm hoping this thread will be a little different to the norm and majority of other threads here due to the inherited system already installed. So, in the deepest darkest countrysideis a little house with a4kw solar installation on the roof. Thesystem doesn't use a...
  4. J

    Safe voltage for scrap 18650

    Hello one and all. Pretty new to battery and storagebuilding and the likes (although been flying battery RC aircraft for years)and wanted to make sure I knew how to dispose of potentially volatile cells efficiently before embarking further on the building projects. I am very intrigued by the...