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  1. owitte

    Rattle in a cell

    I openened Stefaan's cells and found the cause for the weird noise. As far as I could see, it's save to use them.
  2. owitte

    Small Powerwall in Germany

    Nice :) Is this all connected to the DIYBMS?
  3. owitte

    Are there cheap DIY methods for producing solar power?

    I also started from scratch, just with the sun above me ;-) After 3 years and roundabout 5000$ for mostly used components later, I have a solar system with almost 5kWp and a battery with 27kWh capacity running my house completely off-grid from march to october. The only things you need besides...
  4. owitte

    Richie`s Modular Powerwall (Germany) 21kWh+

    Hi Richie, very nice and clean setup, keep up the good work :) . Would be very interesting to learn from your long-term experience with new cells. Btw, your solar setup somehowlooks familiar to me :D Have sun :cool: und Gre aus Braunschweig
  5. owitte

    There's a new wall in Germany!

    You're right, I'm just testing these clips. But until now, it looks quite good. Even on higher loads, nothing gets warm. But I stll need to measure the current flow from packs connected with the clips under higherload... we'll see. If they don't work properly, I already planned to replace them...
  6. owitte

    There's a new wall in Germany!

    Hi Guys, here's an update from my powerwall: After biulding a box as a seperate battery bank with 700 cells (see here somewhere in the middle of the page) and a broken balancer, I decided to go back to the roots and just add more capacity to my existing powerwall. But since there's no more...
  7. owitte

    Copper pipe as bus-bar and ring-terminal connectors

    thanks for linking to my project thread :D . I decided to go with copper pipes because of mainly four reasons: the price: Even if you can't get used pipes from somewhere, it's available for a reasonable price at any hardware store electrical properties: Copper is a good conductor with minimal...
  8. owitte

    There's a new wall in Germany!

    Hi, ChrisD5710 is right, your new packs need to have approx. the same SOC/Voltage in order to connect them together. Otherwise you'll have a huge balancing current flowing from your new pack to the bank or vice versa, depending on which voltage is higher. I usually use a 20W halogen light spot...
  9. owitte

    Hello from germany, my 14s100p Powerwall with 15kWh

    Hi and welcome to the forum :) ! Very nice and clean work, it looks like you've made your homework before you started building your powerwall... I love the copper busbars and the woodwork, reminds me of my setup :D : Keep up the good work and hopefully we'll see more of your project...
  10. owitte

    There's a new wall in Germany!

    Sorry for the late reply, if you want to come over, just pm me :) Have sun! Oliver As Korishan stated, just send me a private message. Hope you understand that I don't have the time to fully document my work here, but if you have specific questions, I will do my best to help you (like most...
  11. owitte

    "Plug-In" solar system?

    These "plug & play" solar panels with microinverters (also called "Balkonkraftwerke") are pretty save concening electrical shocks. They depend on existing grid power won't supply power if there's no grid power on the line. You could even touch the plug terminators with full sunlight on the...
  12. owitte

    Powerwall silly question

    Hi Jofiferreira, as the others already stated, there are many people here using their powerwall in production - including me. I power almost the whole house with it from spring to autumn (north of Germany) and -although this wasn't my initial goal- cut down my electricity bill by almost 2/3. My...
  13. owitte

    Powerwall for Electrical Goodies

    very nice setup, but your wall is way too small! :D Have sun! Oliver
  14. owitte

    There's a new wall in Germany!

    use a good soldering iron with a massive tip and try to heat up the soldering spot as quick as possible. No need to discharge the cells first, imho. Have sun! Oliver
  15. owitte

    There's a new wall in Germany!

    Hello guys, haven't been here for a while due to massive workload and some other projects... but today I finished my next battery module with 700 cells (7s100p) in a nice transparent box (so everybody can admire me and my work :D ): Balancing (as you can see, it's almost perfectyl...
  16. owitte

    A growing powerwall in Germany

    ok, next time I'll have a closer look before posting unnecessary advice ;)
  17. owitte

    Guy from Germany, finally time to introduce myself.....

    Herzlich willkommen und viel Erfolg bei Deinem Projekt :)
  18. owitte

    A growing powerwall in Germany

    congrats, love your design :D :D . Looks very nice and clean, hopefully the wall is not wet, look like you screwed your busbars directly into it.... I remember I had a problem with humidity on my connection board where all battery banks come together. The screws where rotten after 4 months while...
  19. owitte


    @Daromer: Yes, you're right, the higher the voltage difference, the higher the balancing current. And of course, in real life you always want to minimize voltage differences. I never ever had a difference of more than 0.1V between my seriesses, so 6A balancing current is more of a theoretical...
  20. owitte


    hello and welcome :) for balancing, I also recommend active balancers. The ones on jonyjoe505s picture are also available for 7s. I bought them directly in China from DeliGreen for about 140USD. They do max. 10A balancing current (6A continously) and are also available as "1s single...