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  1. owitte

    extending a "professional" powerwall...?

    Hi all, what if you bought a PV system with integrated battery storage and realize you need more capacity? I friend of mine has 6kWp solar and an inverter with integrated 2kWh LiIo battery (SMA Sunny Boy 5000 Smart Energy) since last year. PV produces almost 3 times more than they consume and...
  2. owitte

    What about hybrid powerwalls?

    Hello all, don't know about your "solar history", but I started my system with sealed lead-acid batteries, because -at that time and my state of knowledge then- they're the cheapest storage solution. So, before I started collecting 18650s for my Li-Ion powerwall, I used 8 "conventional"...
  3. owitte

    There's a new wall in Germany!

    Hi all, this is my powerwall, consisting of 1400 cells in a 200p7s configuration, expandable as long as there's wall :D . Up and running since a few weeks, currently 9 days non-stop off-grid, still counting :cool: . As you can see from the pics, I took the word powerwall literally and hung 70...
  4. owitte

    Hello from Braunschweig, Germany

    Hi all, just a few words to introduce myself: My name is Oliver, I live somewhere in the middle of Germany and I'm working on my solar powered home for about 1 year now. What I have achieved so far: + ~3KWp with a mix of about 30 mono- and polycristalline modules + 940Ah battery capacity (8...