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    Tesla Tesla Tesla

    Hey guys, I have managed to secure a crashedTesla with the aim of using the battery pack modules as home energy storage. Can anyone here point me in the right direction for going this route?
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    rapidly serviceable battery settup

    Hi guys, looong time no post. I have been lurking and designing the chassis for my build and it has taken a long time to land for me as I want to be able to quickly service my modules (P120) and not have to solder or cut anything to do so. props to another forum member AJW22 here for their STL...
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    Nickel sheets

    Hi, I am developing my connection concept and instead of using copper bus bars looking to create nickel sheets with sprung connection/fusepunchedinto them. I need some sheeting to test my concept and so... My question is where is best to by sheets of Nickel? aliexpress? i need them 350 by 135...
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    Charging to 4.3v

    Hey team, I have just purchased some charger units for a bit of an experiment and turns out they use a USB plug in and give a 'full' charge as indicated by a green LED. I then threw them in the opus once charged and they came up with a voltageof 4.3v on each cell! What are peoples...
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    Mix and Match Different Capacity Cells

    As I plan the design of my setup I am seeing people mix the different capacity cells to build packs. It looks like they are aiming for some consistency across the board though... Ie they are adding up the overall capacity of 100 cells and trying to match them with the other 14 to be similar...
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    30v whaaaat!?

    Ok so more than a few of my cells I am pulling out have freaked out my meter and show 10-40v???!!! I have throw them in the cell cell bin to be safe. They dont register on my lab unit or my opus to charge. Does anyone know what is happening that this value would be displayed?
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    Heater threashold

    Hey guys, Have browsed around and seen differing thoughts on heaters. I have only so far had one cell that forced the OPUS to stop discharge due to heat. It got hot alright and noticibly hotter than the rest of the cells I have been processing. I could still hold my fingers on it but must...
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    tp4056 vulnerability

    So i see if you reverse the polarity of the cell it destroys the chip. Isthere another option to protect from this? an updated chip? Just about to buy a bunch and build a charger running of an old PSU and before I do I want to line it up right.
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    Things Are Getting Out of Hand

    My dining room table has been taken over and this is just the begining! yikes. I have a seriously big hill to climb to get to 7500 good cells. Dented batteries? whats the consensus? i have kept them out as precaution and in a ceramic dish. CELLS CELLS CELLS!My free supply of...
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    OPUS BT-C3100

    Hi guys, I live in New Zealand and hoping that someone here is interested in selling THREE or more of their OPUS chargers? can you reply here if so? Come on santa! I have been a good boy this year!
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    Tp4056 wall chargers

    Hi guys, Looking to speed up cell processing and after a link on a how to build one of the bulk charging units using the tp4056 chips... anyone able to point me to a three or link? Or better yet, has anyone got one they are finished with and want to sell? Any help appreciated.
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    advise on design

    Hi guys, I am after somwhere between 40-60kwh for my pack (aiming for the moon) and after some recomendation on the size of the banks. have a solax 5kw inverter and charger. seems 14s is the way for a 48v system but what is the advantages/disadvantages of 100P vs 80P vs 150P?? keen on your...
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    getting the hang of charging, testing and the time involved

    ok wow. I have seen and read alot but nothing has prepared me for just how much time and attention you have to put into this cell processing game!!! Much respect to those that have gone before us! I am running three of the opus machines and will clearly need another three asap. After reading...
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    Charging for storage

    Hi guys, Just beginning my processing of cells and am thoughtful the tthe project may take up to a year to complete. With this in mind shouldnt I store the good cells around 60% SOC? If so does the opus have this feature? Thanks.
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    Anyone else out there?

    Anybody else hail from the land of the long white cloud?
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    Battery charger, which is best?

    So I am trying to do this power wall build as safely and clean as possible but also want to keep costs down. So I currently have 400 cells to process with thousands more on route. To capacity test these I have purchased three opus chargers but now looking at one of the imax units. My...
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    Hi from Aotearoa 40-60kwh build 432P 14S MAYBE MOOOOORE

    Hi guys, I am from Pegasus a small town north of Christchurch New Zealand. I have been watching and reading and learning about energy storage for about 3 years. I have a 9KW solar panel setup 12kwh of lead carbon storage (which is great) and two electric cars (both Nissan Leaf) our family...