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  1. rickvanderzwet

    Anybody from The Netherlands?

    Hi, Basically I find it good fun taking apart eBike batteries and testing cells as part of my interest in recycling. How-ever apart from this I find no use for them. Not interested in actually making a powerwall, since I do not have the available space to work safely. Also not interested in...
  2. rickvanderzwet

    Prevent pouch batteries from swelling during recyling-discharge?

    My e-bike harvesting also left me with some pouch batteries, which I do not want to use and are thus candidate for recycling. I order to recycle them safely I want to discharge them to avoid issues on an accidental short-circuit for example. I currently deep-discharge them by hooking them to a...
  3. rickvanderzwet

    Scrap battery-pack recycling instructions (for NL)?

    One reason of joining was to investigate 'waste-streams' generated by (e-Bike) batteries packs. To my knowledge they are not mass-recycled and/or dismantled. Basicly just collected and stored. In NL a non-profit organisation Stibat is responsible for gathering this battery packs. Recovering...
  4. rickvanderzwet

    Testing GP4105054T1000L battery 'block'

    I retrieved some odd looking batteries from a e-bike battery. Their identification is GP4105054T1000L. The only reference I could find are the GP recycle instructions which tells me the cell is rated 3.65V and 10Ah. I am completely new in cell harvesting and testing...