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    Second Life Solar Car Battery

    S P A M

    Anyone else having troube with you tube?

    Short answer 'N O' YT is my font of knowledge and it scars me to think it was failing !!! This is another reason you should have at least 3 x working browsers ( not including IE ) Chrome as your every day drive FireFox for Internet Banking ( I don't do it myself ) & Banking only - no browsing...

    Electricity grid suppliers will now charge Australians twice

    Due to pure luck I now have a contact with one of Australia's largest LIBs imports / wholesalers. I went to place an order recently for a few boxes of LIBs and he is saying he is in back order ATM. Apparently the companies that are going to charge Australians for exporting to the grid are...

    From High End Flashlights To Beyond

    G'Day BG Welcome Like you I started with 1865s, but I moved onto 2170s and they are so much better :) I have a LED torch that never leaves my side that I use every day and night it uses 1 x Tesla Model X 1865 which I charge once in 18 months. I really like BATs, but I'm addicted to LEDs !!!

    Anyone able to determine LIB data structures ( DS ) ?

    I have been looking to read the cycles from a cell directly just like a BMS does. I have tried to disassemble the code in a few BMSs and found what I believe is the structure, but I cannot find the location for the cycles. The engineers seem to have made an effort to obfuscate the structures...

    How to attach 'Caps' to a cell ?

    G'Day K Thanks for the really prompt reply That would be a waste of time as it is in China and I will bet that no one on here can read and write Chinese better than I can :) Like I said "see how it works", try and innovate, push the techniques envelope, try something different !!! I have...

    How to attach 'Caps' to a cell ?

    As I'm a newbie I have been buying stuff to see how it 'works' I bought these caps " 100pcs/lot 21700 lithium battery can be spot welded positive flat cap 20700 lithium battery pole piece DIY assembly parts " Basically because I couldn't see how they work from the net listing and then seller...

    Electricity companies get green light to charge rooftop solar owners for exporting power to grid

    G'Day OGITC Mate that looks all good to me, I would have no problemo turning off the panels with this setup. You hit the nail on the head "mass emergency" For me these fire are all about the 2 Billion animals killed in the big fire near Sydney and the 41,000 Koalas killed or injured in the...

    Electricity companies get green light to charge rooftop solar owners for exporting power to grid

    G'Day OGITC I took 4 semesters in Elec. Eng. 1st visit to Uni. and was told 35V and above could be fatal. But I changed to Soft. because my Professor couldn't explain what is now called 'Elec. Depletion' of a material.

    Electricity companies get green light to charge rooftop solar owners for exporting power to grid

    ADMINS : I couldn't decide which is best place to post this, so pls. move to appropriate for me :) Yes you read it right, in Australia we are going to be charged when we export elec...

    Limiter inverter with RS485 load setting

    G'Day Pepe Sorry to be so picky !!! [6] is not a byte it is an index for an array

    I have a confession to make.. I have been working on a diy BMS for a while now...

    G'Day Duchess [NG] I wish I had the skills to do the hardware like this, good job !!! [NG] How have you generated this, is this using custom software ??? I cannot see the interface between the SD Card ( looks like 32GB in the 3rd pic. ) on the board, are you thinking about writing output...

    Details for Yinlong LTO 66160 ?

    B U M P !!! Someone must have purchased LTOs on here ???

    New porn page.

    G'Dat ITUser You know that it is very unusual to have an inbound USSR IPV4 ? I have been building a IPV4 database for more than 20 years mainly from port 25 attempts. These guys are usually using T O R, which I use myself daily to try and cover their tracks, are you checking if these are exit...

    What is to hot for my cells

    This is a really g8 post :) I asked a similar question, but about mobile packs in particular and the replies or lack there off is very interesting Effect of heat on packs Notice this TR article says 'Room Temp.' TR extending LIB Life From my research since that post I would say the spaces...

    Details for Yinlong LTO 66160 ?

    I'm trying to purchase Yinlong LTO 66160 cells. Does anyone have any experience with these cells over a few years and can provide me with some details Lifetime Cycles ( I know this will be an estimate ) Charge time Link to the specs. for their cells Charging setup Thxs

    If there is a BMS, why do I need a solar panel controller?

    G'Day Ynot ( g8 handle BTW ) You need to think about your design. In the dim dark past I decided to double wire LIB packs. 1st was designed to connect to a solar panels as input - charge - no intelligence except CC for monitoring on the panel side. 2nd was wired to BMS - discharge - so if...

    Anyone know of a 'dumb' BMS ?

    G'Day Guys Thanks for the heads up :) If I had to pick one mandatory it is the writing to the SD Card ( SDC ) so it can be removed from the pack and then analysed in a PC using our client. So the power pack could be in a 4x4 which only has cell phone access and send a email to the NOC But...

    Anyone know of a 'dumb' BMS ?

    The current BMS's are way to 'smart' and expensive. What we do not want firstly - An app. to connect to the BMS - these apps are g8 to debug a pack, but way to complex for end users who just want to plug and play and walk away - Multi lingual ( English only ) - LED screen - WiFi connectivity...

    Anyone from South Oz on here ?

    Bump ! ! ! I'm still looking for other Aussies from SA who Luv batteries