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  1. TheBatteries

    LiLead S110 12V 110Ah LiFePO4 Battery Review & Disassembly

    A detailed look at the LiLead S110 12V 110Ah LiFePO4 battery, including a teardown to see how it's built. More Info Here: (affiliate links) (Amazon) (Current Connected)
  2. TheBatteries

    BigBattery "OWL MAX 2" 12V 228Ah LiFePO4 Battery, Review and Teardown

    A detailed look at the BigBattery "OWL MAX 2" 12V 228Ah LiFePO4 battery, including a teardown to see how it's built. More Info Here: (affiliate links) (10% Discount Code "BATTERY")
  3. TheBatteries

    SOK Battery 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery, Review and Teardown

    A detailed look at the SOK Battery 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery, including a teardown to see how it's built. More Info Here: (affiliate links)
  4. TheBatteries

    Medical Battery Packs - What's Inside, Testing, and Cost Evaluation

    Taking a look at the 10lb lot of medial batteries for sale on Battery Hookup's website. I opened each one, removed the cells, tested them all, and calculated the price per kilowatt-hour.
  5. TheBatteries

    ICR vs INR vs IMR Lithium Battery Types

    I saw questions being asked on the Facebook group regarding the different chemistries. I learned a bit myself and thought it would be good to save the information here for reference. Long-Form Name Chemical Abbreviation Name Format 1 Name Format 2 Name Format 3 Lithium Manganese Oxide...
  6. TheBatteries

    IR Meter Recommendations

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good meter to check IR (Internal Resistance) of various battery types? I haven't checked this in the past as the testers I use (Opus) aren't very accurate. There have been a lot of requests to test this in some of my videos, so I'd like to start doing so...
  7. TheBatteries

    AIMS LF Inverter RJ45 Protocol Information

    I'm attaching the documentation for the RJ45 pinout and protocol information. AIMS technical support happily provided me this information when asked. My inverter is a 10,000W split-phase model, though I would think it applies to all LF models. Check with AIMS yourself if you are not sure! Pins...
  8. TheBatteries

    Charging a 14s Battery Pack 58.8V

    I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation on an AC charger for a 14s NMC battery pack? The full charge voltage of such a bank is 4.2V per sell or 58.8V. I'm just looking for something cheap that I can use in my Youtube videos for building and testing various battery packs. Something like...
  9. TheBatteries

    EVE 280Ah LiFePO4 Review (Dongguan Lightning New Energy Technology)

    After seeing numerous people talking about EVE 280Ah prismatic batteries, I decided to order a few and start exploring LiFePO4 more. Details of the purchase are below, along with my review and testing of the batteries. I am most interested in why 2 of the 4 sound like plastic. I'm hoping someone...
  10. TheBatteries

    X2Power CYL10030 Starting Battery Teardown

    Today's starting battery teardown is an X2Power CYL10030. I can't find much at all about this one online. It looks like it may have been sold by Batteries+Bulbs, so maybe something exclusive to them that's now discontinued? I'm not sure. It's a 36Wh LiFePO4 battery that states it's the...
  11. TheBatteries

    Overview and Testing of Big Battery 12V 170Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

    Today, we will be taking an in-depth look at the 12V 170Ah LiFePO4 batteries that Big Battery has for sale. I will disassemble the battery to show how it's put together, then complete a capacity test to see if the specs match as advertised. This is one of two types of LiFePO4 batteries that we...
  12. TheBatteries

    What's Inside a 12V K2 Energy K2B12V19EB LiFePO4 Battery?

    Taking a look at what's inside a K2 Energy K2B12V19EB 12V LiFePO4 battery pack. Battery Hookup only had a few of these in stock and they're sold out already. 24V K2 Energy... (5% Discount Code "BATTERY")...
  13. TheBatteries

    MegaCellCharger PHP Automation Script

    I've been asked to share my script for controlling the MegaCellCharger quite a few times now. I don't typically share my code as I write it specifically for my needs and my environment. It's typically not something one can simply download and run. BUT, considering we have (in my opinion) a great...
  14. TheBatteries

    Inside a Shorai LFX14L5-BS12 Lithium Starting Battery

    I picked up a lot of these small starting batteries recently. It's always fun to have a look at something different. These are typically used in motorcycles or small power tools for engine starting (hence the name). This one was the first I took apart. I was surprised to find pouch cells inside...
  15. TheBatteries

    NEC Energy Solutions A123 LiFePO4 Battery Teardown

    An in-depth look at the NEC Energy Solutions batteries that I purchased from Battery Hookup. These batteries contain 48 A123 LiFePO4 26650 cells, great for use with off-grid solar builds!
  16. TheBatteries

    Charging with Bench Power Supply?

    Does anyone know if a bench power supply, such as the one below, can be used to charge NMC batteries for testing purposes? The power supply has both voltage limiting and current limiting. I think my only concern would be making sure the voltage is precise enough so as not to overcharge. Would...
  17. TheBatteries

    Software Conversion Maintenance

    The forum will be temporarily taken offline tomorrow (December 10th) for most of the day to a facilitate a software conversion from MyBB to Xenforo. I have been using MyBB for over 15 years now, making it somewhat saddening to see this happen, but it no longer has the functionality we need for...
  18. TheBatteries

    16-Bay 18650 MegaCell Charger Overview and Testing

    Testing the 16-bay Cell Doctor MegaCell Charger for Lithium Ion 18650 cells. There is an active crowd-funding campaign that will help get this charger into mass production, thus increasing quality while decreasing price and delivery time. Please visit the site below for more information and/or...
  19. TheBatteries

    LG LGAAHD21865 Cell Specifications

    Warning: The information in this thread was obtained from various sources on the Internet, including any datasheets linked below, and is provided for reference only. It is not guaranteed to be accurate. To prevent fire or personal injury, never charge or discharge a cell before verifying the...