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  1. cadric

    Final Recycling

    Hi Guys, first I wish a happy and healty new year to everybody. Did anyone of you Powerwall builders think about the day, when your Powerwall hits end of life? What plans do you have for old cells that are not useable anymore? Last month for the first time I gave my useless cells to the urban...
  2. cadric

    Add 36V Battery Block to 48V Battery System

    Hi, ChrisD gave me a hint last year how he combined a 36V Battery to the 48V Main Battery System. The short description is using a dc stepup module for loading the 48V Battery with the 36V one. I thought about it and wonder how to load that 36V battery again. I don't think that connection a...
  3. cadric

    the right shunt trip?

    Hi there, I still need a Shunt Trip for my Powerwall for savety. I know that a lot of you use these ABB S5 Shunt Trips, but I don't have enough space for this items. I have a little cabinet where I installed the DC switches between my two Inverters and the Batteries. you can see the...
  4. cadric

    German Powerwall #X (the most western)

    Hi Guys, As I'm not the type of guy to present work, that is not in a certain stage, I waited for my Presentation to the point that at least a minimal system is running. So now I'm proud to finally present my first Step of a DIY Powerwall from Lithium 18650 Cells. After around 18 months of...
  5. cadric

    Batrium Watchmon toolkit on Linux

    Hi, on the Batrium Homepage they state that installation on Linux is not supported, but that some people have managed to get this running. Can somebody give me a hint, how to get this up and running or where I find information about it? regards cadric
  6. cadric

    PIP5048MS external solution to switch to line mode?

    Hi, is there a way to externaly initiate switching from Battey to Line mode on a PIP5048MS inverter? Either with some kind of Programm on a raspi or some other equipment? As I'm only using temprary Battery solution, and my Batrium is not connected up to now, I would like to have some kind of...
  7. cadric

    Look what's possible: eDumper

    Hey Guys, this is is a beast of an EV! And it never needs to be charged! check it out ;) eDumper cadric
  8. cadric

    Connecting the Cellpacks

    Hi, I'm done with adding the busbars to my packs. Now I'm at the stage of creating a connecting solution and would like some input: I planned a harness with 14 x XT90 connectors, to connect each pack to. But as I want to add additional packs later when I have enough cells again without the...
  9. cadric

    Finally bought a Batrium BMS

    Hi Guys, today I finally decided to by a Batrium WM4 starter kit for my Powerwall. It was not an easy decission as it will cost me around 1T including TAX and everything. As a first step I'm building 14s60P, which I will then connect the WM4 to. I hope this was the last Expensive invetsigation...
  10. cadric

    Cell capacity decreasing over time?

    Hi all, I started collecting cells in Mai 2018 after I understood the recycling of old Laptop Batteries. Now I started to build my packs and I realized that the cells I tested in the early days have lost a lot of their capacity. For example, a cell initially tested about ~1500mAh between 4.0 V...
  11. cadric

    Solution: Extract Cells from Sealed e-bike Batteries

    Hi Gents, finally I think I can give something back to the community and all you great Guys, that helped me on my way to build my own Powerwall. For around a year I collected cells now, a lot of them in sealed e-bike Packs, which were a pain when it came to extract the single cells but had...
  12. cadric

    locking for cheap configurable BMS for extended e-bike battery

    Hi, Until I have enough Cells to build my own Powerwall I'm using temporay 3 times 36V e-bike batteries that I extended to 48V. To not destroy them when they are in use I need some kind of BMS that is configurable to use the Batteries only between 4.0V and 3.5V. I already tested the smart BMS...
  13. cadric

    configure PIP5048MS for least Batterypower useage

    Hello , I'm still in the process of builduing my Powewall ( collecting and testing cells ), but have a temporary Battery allready connected to my two Pips to be able to use solar power a bit. Atm only everything in my Backjard is running on this offgrid system. The batteries don't have a BMS...
  14. cadric

    PIP-5048MS - How to get an Overview of the actual produced SolarPower

    Hi , I finally got my two PIPs running with the first Pannels for Testing. Still in building Process. But it seems that I'm not able to see, how much SolarPower is actually possible to be used. The Load Power only shows, how much is used atm. Can anyone tell me, what I have to do, to see, how...
  15. cadric

    Recomendations for fusing and connecting?

    Hi together, I have several e-bike cellblocks which I want to use for my upcoming PW. Originally they are 36V10S5P and 36V10S6P. I managed to take off the original "busbars" without destroing the cells. Unfortunately the cellblocks were in bags filled with some kind of black mass that now is...
  16. cadric

    use of Pip 5048 with 36V Battery possible?

    Hi, I got some e-bike Batteries with 36V(10S6P) I want to start building my PW with. As some of you already mentioned and I already found out myself, taking them apart is not easy. So I plan to use them as they are besides the fact that I think this will be my main source of Batteries. As I'm...
  17. cadric

    e-bike akku: how take them apart, without destroing the cells?

    Hi, I have some e-bike akkus, 36V which I would like to take apart to get the single cells. Initially, they are sealed in a bag, against humidity and covert with some black material, something like rubber. At the moment I first scratch the surface of a pole free to see the conture of the pole...
  18. cadric

    Guy from Germany, finally time to introduce myself.....

    [No message]
  19. cadric

    Sky RC MC3000 - Buidling Powerwalls is dangerous!

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this business, but understood that handling of used 18650 Lio cells can be dangerous, I didn't really believe it though, until yesterday. To be as save as possible I used 2x Sky RC MC3000 chargers for charging, discharging my used laptop cells. As these devices are 3 time...
  20. cadric

    Offgrid system - Which way to go: HybridInvert or seperate chargers and inverter ?

    Hi, I'm planning a Solar Offgrid System with 3 times ( East-South-West) 1,5kw Solar Panels, but am stuck with choosing the right way to get the system connected. The Panels on east and south will have no shadow, west will be in shadow partly so I would like to connect east pannels and south...