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  1. AZ_Tekkie

    2424LV-MSX Solar charging issue

    So i've had my mppsolar inverter for about 3 years now, it's already gone through one mainboard replacement. Functionally it's inverting and charging batteries still, however, I've noticed that the relay that turns on and off the solar charging will get stuck to the on position. It's also...
  2. AZ_Tekkie

    MPP PIP2424LV-MSX Fault 51

    So last night i started getting a fault code 51 on my pip. Quite annoying because i've got my 3d printer and internet running off of it and killed a print twice now. 51 says the inverter was overloaded, but i've never had more than a 50% load on it. After removing DC and reconnecting it powers...
  3. AZ_Tekkie

    Breaker panels (US)

    Here's the panels i have for sale. Not sure what shipping would be, pm me and i can check. GE: TLM1212CCU2K $20 SquareD: HOM2448M100PCVP $35 Murray: LC1224L1125 $15 Have 2 new ones...
  4. AZ_Tekkie

    Batrium 1.0.29 Software/Firmware Issue

    Anyone else have any issues with the latest 1.0.29 and .41 batrium software/firmware? I've been running great for 2 days now on .28 and .40 with no issues, but when i did the update after a bit the watchmon stops communicating with the pc. Reverted back to .28 and .40 and so far working. Just...
  5. AZ_Tekkie

    Batrium housing

    Is anyone working on designing a housing for the watchmon? I've seen the mounts for the longmons. Wanted to see if anyone was already working on one before i took the time to design one as my design skills aren't super good :)
  6. AZ_Tekkie

    Cell Counter - Additional Chemistries

    We should have the option for other chemistries and types. I realize 18650 is the most popular option, but there's a lot of others that people are using for power walls. Myself, half will be 18650's and the other half from cell phone cells. Would be awesome to be able to see the community...
  7. AZ_Tekkie

    Batrium Initial Setup

    I just ordered a Batrium kit, watchmon,longmons, and the shunt. Anything else i need to/should buy/order to get started or should that be good for the initial setup? Other than seeing Pete's videos on the system i really haven't done a ton of research on the different addons or specific wiring...
  8. AZ_Tekkie

    3d Printers

    My powerwall build got me into 3d printing. Started out buying a kit from Reprapguru and then graduated to building my own from scratch. Sourced all the various pieces and assembled. They're great fun but an expensive hobby. One on the left is the kit, the printer on the right i built from...
  9. AZ_Tekkie

    My Wall of Power

    Updated photos (02/04/2018) Current Wall 2.0 Newest Pack using LG G5 Cell Phone batteries. Should be around 5.5Kwh. Will be installing soon, have the case they're going in ready, just need to mount the pack inside. Start of my new power shed. 11ftx17.5ft. Will be for my...
  10. AZ_Tekkie

    Battery disconnect

    Anyone ever used one of these? Thinking about getting one to go between my batteries and the 24v to 12v converter that runs my fans and monitoring...
  11. AZ_Tekkie

    MPP Solar possible issue

    I have the Mpp solar 2424LV-MSX and in the evenings it will click on and off the solar charger about 15-20 times as the sun sets. I hear it click and then shows charging at 2 amps, immediately clicks again and turns charging off. Does this over and over. Other than the annoying clicks i...
  12. AZ_Tekkie

    3D printer

    Who's got a 3D printer and does anyone have any recommendations for one that won't break the bank?