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  1. jdeadman

    Wolf's PowIRwall

    Yea Only a grab in the dark.
  2. jdeadman

    Wolf's PowIRwall

    There is also shielded Cat6 that may also help but Something that a batrium Log may have to be looked at as it could be as simple as a bad sector on a hard drive (or ssd) that may cause Issues with data.
  3. jdeadman

    Wolf's PowIRwall

    that is really weird. almost looks like a bad connection. but I'm sure thats not the case. The only other thing I can think of is data corruption in the Com Bus but you'd think it happen to more cells then.
  4. jdeadman

    I have it up and running, finally!

    The Constant dance of the Electrons. This year I oversized my solar requirements then we had the worst sun days due to fire haze I have ever seen. My Over sized solar did work mostly but I still had to run the Generator twice over the summer. but hey you cannot plan for everything
  5. jdeadman

    PIP-5048GK error code 51

    Could be a faulty current shunt. but other than replacing the board not sure what else you can do to troubleshoot
  6. jdeadman

    I have it up and running, finally!

    unfortunatly those "reliable " brand inverters are anything but. I have had my MPPSolar LV2424-HS for a couple years now and still working great Generated over 1MW of energy
  7. jdeadman

    Wolf's PowIRwall

    Yea I gotta Step up my game Need to get a spot welder
  8. jdeadman

    Which cell in your opinion currently on the market is the best value per Ah

    You will be better off by purchasing Large Capacity cells as there is a lot of work to build a power wall out of 18650's like I did. But you also have to look at what you can get and for what Price. I generally try for the sub $100 per Kwh but with the larger form factors it may be closer...
  9. jdeadman

    Oh They are actually based in the Ukraine lol woops but they are shipped and should be...

    Oh They are actually based in the Ukraine lol woops but they are shipped and should be here next week
  10. jdeadman

    Honey where did we put the candles?

    Sweet. When I had mine in test mode at home before I took it to my Camp we had a lightening induced power failure and my neighbors all were asking why I still had power. No Rain so I pulled out the Projector and played a moving for the neighborhood
  11. jdeadman

    I actually ordered one that were prebuilt in the US from Ebay Waiting to see what I get

    I actually ordered one that were prebuilt in the US from Ebay Waiting to see what I get
  12. jdeadman

    Hello from Ontario Canada

    Welcome Fellow Ontarian! Norther westerner here. For your Powerwall I would look at larger capacity packs like used Vehicle packs. Depending on where you are you may have access to local supplier of recycled cells. there are auction sites to find old cars and Packs
  13. jdeadman

    Issue with MPT-7210A

    The top number on the 7210 you need to set to your panels MPPT point. I found for my 21V oc (open circuit) they got the most power at 14V that was going to a 7s Li-ion pack with a max V of 29V But I was only ever able to see 50% of my Panels rated capacity. But Play with the Panel Voltage...
  14. jdeadman


    Very Nice
  15. jdeadman

    DIYBMS v4 thoughts

    AHH Ic I've only started to scratch the surface with my knowledge of this system so I will be doing lots of reading :)
  16. jdeadman

    DIYBMS v4 thoughts

    Is there a specific shunt that works best with this sysytem? I have a cheap 100A 75Ohm one
  17. jdeadman

    DIYBMS v4 thoughts

    Well I finally took the Dive. I ordered enough for 14 cells and a controller Cannot wait to start
  18. jdeadman

    Wolf's PowIRwall

    That looks busy. I'm currently only running a MPPsolar 2424lv unit for charging and inverting. It's currently running a fridge at camp offgrid with 1200W of solar. Need to up my data acquisition game
  19. jdeadman

    Wolf's PowIRwall

    Wow Wolf I do really like your data system. Here in Canaderp our heat waves are short lived and few and far between, and we just had 3 days of 29 and 30 degree C (86F) and we find that super hot. but my house only consumes about 40Kwh Max a day during the worst of it. and it's 1100sqft...
  20. jdeadman

    Off-peak powerwall

    Yea I had that setup for a year During the Day I was on batteries and in the evening on the grid and charging the batteries. Worked great. used a lv2424-hs inverter and 15 kWh of 18650's (Useable) our Peak rate was $0.20 per kwh amd evening was $0.08 /kWh