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    18650 best soldering technique part2

    So following up on soldering and effects on cells, from this thread: I wanted to observe & "over-do" soldering heat to see what might show physical signs of damage, so I destroyed a cell for science. It was water damaged & self discharged to...
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    Active balancer circuit

    Following up discussions in thesethreads: and I've had a shot at designing an active balancer. Please note I have not (yet) built or tested this! Aims are: - designed for Lithium-Ion...
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    Blocking diodes or not?

    So a discussion on blocking diodeswas underway in another thread but was off topic for that thread (no problems with mods keeping threads close to title, helps the site be logical, etc). That thread is here...
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    Fridge start current peak & soft start

    So hearing the inverter pulse & seeing the current spike my fridge draws at start up got me thinking, and you know that feeling ;-) The fridge says 430W 240VAC 0.7A on the label & it's only a 420L medium size one. Can my inverter (Victron 5kVA Multiplus) handle it, yes - but I still don't like...
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    This doesn't look too good

    Just a touch of a heat problem here: Maybe a reminder of why we like more copper, good crimps& spring washers!