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    Resources for Cylinderical LiFePO4 cells

    Links to cylindrical LiFePo4 resources 26650 HTCF26650-3200mAh-3.2V A123 LiFePO4 26650 ANR26650M1B 18650 APR18650M1A...
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    Fan on my iCharger X8 quit working

    I know there was a post on how to replace the fan on the x series of ichargers. Knew i should have bought an extra X8. if someone knows the post i am talking about please link it. I ordered a new x8 should be here by Friday. Would like to have 2 x8s. Later floyd
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    Comparing LG CHEM LGX JH3 salvaged from a RESU and the LG CHEM LGX JH3 sold by EVwest

    Differences between LG CHEM LGX JH3 salvaged from a RESU and the LG CHEM LGX JH3 sold by EVwest The Battery packs I recovered last summer...
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    For those making an EV (tractor)

    Would this motor work? It's duty cycle is listed as cont(inuous)? My donor lawn Tractor has a hydrostatic transaxle right now it has a 19Hp V twin motor. or this one Later floyd
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    dammit JWINYAP(Just What I Need Yet Another Project)

    Very much in the planning stage. Thanks ynot, MFB Dan, cak Just what I need. :) My parents have a dead lawn tractor craftsman LT2000, This model has a belt driven hydrostatic transmission so with a electric motor that is short enough to fit between the input shaft and the seat would work...
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    Anyone know what this is?

    This is component side of the mystery device I think it is a temp sensor. The device is on a 4s3p LifePO4 18650 pack in a 5 module has no connection with the BMS's 3 per module. the positive and negative wire look to be 24 awg. The cells are 1500mAh full river 18650 LiFePO4 backside...
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    Used Yhkam 90Ah cell impressed by the test.

    80.954Ah/90Ah =89.9% discharge Test from 3.4v to 3.0v I am gonna charge the rest of them up and test them. damm I need a couple more x8's although any of the iCharger x series would do. Later floyd
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    I did it again just when I was thinking I would get one project done, I bought more cells

    18650 LiFePO4 cells 300 of them in 5 60cell 12v batteries. What was I thinking? The thought occurred to me as I was pressing the pay now button. Another jump box this time 6v for an old Honda CM200t I have. Of course The Headway cells would work better than the 18650's. A 2s LiFePO4 bms there...
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    my 12v battery box

    the main purpose of this battery box is to get a 6 cylinder diesel tractor to turn over, at least the get the starter unstuck. The tractor is an old Oliver row crop model. there are otherthings wrong with it but getting starter unstuck. is first on the list. The tractor still has 12v positive...
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    Solid State contactor or Electromechanical contactor?

    Which one to use? What are some of the pros and cons of each type. Later floyd
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    What the positive end of a A123 ANR2665M1A guts looks like.

    This was a first for me while opening up a 11s medical pack 0v a cell popped it top. I placed the batteries in my metal can I have on the patio. This morning I checked the batteries out. You may be able to make out the two layer top and the connection to the jelly roll. Later floyd
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    contactor with aux contacts What are the aux contacts for?

    GIGAVAC GX14BBB-1, What are the aux contacts for? I have looked on GIGAVAC's web site ? Searched the web all i could tell is something about motors. these have a 12v coil 350A 12-800VDC But the aux is 24v. 1 Auxiliary contact rating is 2A, 24Vdc Resistive load, 100,000 cycles. Minimum current...
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    No Longer avaiable Copper bus bar blanks free sacramento, ca

    I have 29 piece of flatened 1/2" copper refrigeration tubing I was making for the YHKam cells I just got. but I miss read the measurement of the positive bolt it is 14mm instead of 12 mm. The bus bars blanks are approximately 3 inches long 11/16" wide by 1/16" thick. At 19 mm widethey are a...
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    They're here well half of them thank you Battery hookup

    YHKAM cells are huge, they were packed in a tomb of tape as one friend says. Not to mention the double and triple wall very heavy cardbaord box. I check voltage on 2 of them and 3.26v on both. the other half should be here soon. The fed ex delivery person actually placed them in the box on...
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    My inverter is home Growatt 6KW SPF 6000T DVM INVERTER/CHARGER Off-Grid yeah!

    Was going to chew UPS out but the lady working the counter looked like she had heard all the bitches about UPS so wasn't worth it. Now to build the 14s battery it. :) Later floyd
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    my 12v 4s12p LiFePO4 build for my kweld

    I can't solder as my battery build shows. The battery has 1 layer nickel .2mm,1layer of nickel plated copper on the Parallels,The series connection are at every cell 2 layers nickel .2 mm one over a copper strip .2 mm and one under. the negative and positive of the battery have the 2 layer...
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    Ups why tease me?

    Get up this morning expecting to have to wait till late in the day for my inverter to arrive. I check The ups site delivery window 8:30 am-12:15 pm it is now almost 4 pm still nothing. Now Ups says delivery by 9 pm. I will believe that when it happens. Later floyd
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    private messaging ?

    I noticed that private messaging has changed names to conversations I think. I also see are people posting questions and answers on Their profile instead of on the forum or Conversations? So is conversations the new private messages?
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    Opinions on Growatt inverters

    I have been looking at this inverter48V 6kW (18kW Max) Growatt LF 120/240V Split Phase Solar Inverter w/ 80A MPPT...
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    batteryhookup selling megacell-charger the same as tested by mike Later floyd