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    Eu 18650 cell hookup

    I'm looking for a good hookup for used cells in the eu :dodgy:
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    My cheapo cell charging and testing equipment

    Just wanted to throw up a few photos of what i'm using to process some laptop batterys i got for free from a previous employer, my testing rig is a ZB2L3 board and i mounted it onto a Arctic Freezer Pro 7 with some epoxy and i mixed some thermal paste with super glue 50/50 and mounted the load...
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    How do, I found this forum googling about capacity testing used 18650's after a read i wanted to join :cool: I'm in a lucky position where my old boss owns a pc shop and so far i've had 15 laptop batterys from him free of charge, so far i've made a 3s3p pack with a 10A BMS, i used this to...