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  1. J

    Repairing where too start

    Its the second one. I can not find a new one so I have too replace the broken ics
  2. J

    Repairing where too start

    Thank you for your reply daromer! I can balance cell for cell but the BMS need too be repaired because it is housed in a case. I have photos but dont know how too upload. Could you see the photos?
  3. J

    Repairing where too start

    Hello all, I have a question. In the past I bought two electrical scooters with dead batteries. Now I have replaced the cells for the same chemistry but one cell is overcharged every time over and over. Can someone help me solving this issue by tips? Thank you for you interest!
  4. J

    Ask Lifepo4 18650 cells

    Hello, Das somebody know where too buy lifepo4 18650 cells?
  5. J

    Pip-4850 mod possible?

    Hello all, Last year I bought the pip-4850 without grid inverter option. Now I'm wondering if it is possible to adding my grid tie inverter so when the battery is full the grid tie kicked in/bypassed.
  6. J


    hello all, I have no relation with this company but want too shared it with you all. I have already it for a year and it works great! Now I have in total 700Wp on it but about a few weeks I go to install 6 panel with 300Wp. It's easy too assembles.
  7. J

    Sailboat Powerwall

    Hello, You know that on boat only lifepo4 are aloud because off fire safety?
  8. J

    kWeld battery powered spotwelder available for pre-order again
  9. J

    MasterVolt Siladin 600 logging raspberry pi

    Hello, Is there any prebuild image for the raspberry pi that can log soladin 600?
  10. J

    What wind-turbine to buy?

    Hello, First I didn't read the whole conversation! Do not buy instabreeze. It's from turkey and nod that good. If you want good stuff buy air-X stuff!!! Expansive but high quality. I have a instabreeze 1200W/p 3-phase and you need good break unit and inverter that special for 48V. Rem module...
  11. J

    How works Bitcoin and Bitcoin Core QT?

    Hello, Can someone explain how the Bitcoin Core QT works and why there are so many different wallets are? Is it possible too earning money by a full blockchain node after you have it completely synchronised? How is it possible to get your payment get transferred within 20 minutes
  12. J

    rxtx Java porting to mac os X programmer

    Thank you all for replying! For those who want to help here is the download link
  13. J

    HBPowerwall (Official)

    Hi mike, Can you tell me why you used glass fuses on you pack?
  14. J

    rxtx Java porting to mac os X programmer

    hello all, I want to ask if somebody can help me to port a Windows Java program to Mac OS X Java. For measurements I use the ELV/ALC Chargestation 8500 Expert on a old winxp laptop. Now I want too use my MacBook Pro but can get it port to OS X. Is there someone who want to help me?
  15. J

    Communicating BMS's for 14s packs

    eV2300 now on eBay for around 30,-
  16. J

    No BMS - Solar Charge Controller for Lithium Battery

    Smartbms is a good solution an around $20/25,-
  17. J

    GP4105054T1000P (10000mha cell) 3,6V any info ?

    where do you live? i have some of this.
  18. J


    Mining not worth today