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    Am I charging too slowly to find heaters?

    I see a lot of talk about "heater" batteries on the forum, and I haven't found one yet. Is this because I am only charging these at a low amperage (on the Opus)? All batteries seem to get "warm" when performing the capacity test, which seems to be normal, but there are none that I can recall...
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    Bulk charging 12 x 18650 cells - failing to charge with RC Charger.

    Hi all, This has had me stumped for a few days - and I can't really work out what is happening. I've been using my Turnigy Reaktor charger and charging 1s4p cell configuration 18650 cells quite happily for a while now, and thought it would be good to charge more cells - although slower, by...
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    Planning: Using holders for cells vs no holders - 18650 24v pack for mobility device

    Question for the group - Should I use holders for a 18650 24v LiPO battery pack or not? I have built some packs for e-bikes in the past but due to space I simply pack them tightly and then spot weld them together. No fuses per cell. Looking to replace some of the SLA batteries that I am using...
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    Cells less than 1v but low internal resistance - worth saving?

    Hi all, I have finally gotten my RC3563 today and thought I would test some of the cells that I have been binning over the last month out of curiosity. I have been simply measuring the cell voltage and if the cell is less than 1v then it gets binned - based on previous feedback and various...
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    [Aus] Possibility for some cheap cells from these things.

    Hey all, I found these portable battery bases for Google Home Mini - they are discounted now to $5 each. I haven't been able to venture out to get one yet to see what's inside. They are rated at 10,000mAh battery capacity...
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    Samsung naming convention?

    Hi. I've been looking around and haven't found a reference to the batteries I have been gifted. They are marked as INR18650-15U (?) - I have found other variants and it seems the letter at the end is a code for the max discharge rate but there doesn't seem to be a chart to reference this. I...
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    Removing cells from Ego 56V battery packs

    Hi all, I have had success with most other battery packs, however I have a batch of Ego 56V battery packs that I seem unable to extract the cells from. No matter how carefully I pry the spot welding off, it always results in the positive cap being removed at the same time. They seem to be...