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  1. watts-on

    Watts-on's DIY GTIL Controller

    With most Grid-Tie inverters, there is no way to regulate the amount of power they generate. They are designed to convert the maximum amount of power they receive at their input, into output power. The Grid-Tie Inverter with Limiter (GTIL) units however, have the ability for the output power to...
  2. watts-on

    watts-on's Cell Voltage Checker

    I came up with this 3D printed design for quickly checking the voltages of my 18650 cells: I doesn't do anything that you can't do with a standard volt meter, but it's much quicker and less fiddly than using the meter probes and can be used one handed. And its powered by an...
  3. watts-on

    Bullet list feature

    I recently posted a reply in this thread where I used a bulleted list. The post came out fine when viewed on my PC (Win 10 + Firefox), but when I view it on my iPhone it doesn't display the list :huh: The code I inserted in the post: The tension was reduced to a more acceptable level...
  4. watts-on

    License plate anyone?

    Stumbled across this on ebay, and though it may be of interest to someone state side:
  5. watts-on

    Watts-on's "SpringSlot" 18650 Battery Holder

    I have had this idea bouncing around my head for a while now, but since I've decided to build one ( or some :) ) of Brett's Charge/Discharge Testers, I just didn't fancyusing any ofthose single 18650 holders. So I thought it was time to turn my idea into reality: It has a spring loaded...
  6. watts-on

    Battery Lighting Project

    I kinda accidentally volunteered myself for designing a lighting solution for an industrial service unit used on construction sites. The unit has an onboard 240VAC generator that must be running when using hot water for hand washing, the kettle, microwave oven, etc, as well as when using the...
  7. watts-on

    Option for user's home country?

    I was thinking it may be useful feature for users to be able to entertheir home country in their profile and have it appear next to their avatar in the posts. There seem to be many posts here where it matters where you liveand I've seen a lot of posts saying "what country are you in?" Of course...
  8. watts-on

    Help with sourcing small test inverter

    Hi, Im trying to source a small inverter (a few 100W at most) 48VDC to 240VAC 50Hz with real-time control of output current via some published communication protocol and ideally with grid tie function. I want this for bench testingsome gear that I will eventually be using in my full power wall...
  9. watts-on

    Hi from the UK

    Hi, new member here.After binge watching loads of videos and lurkinghere fora while, I havebeen inspired into startingmy own 48v (x)P14S.powerwall build.:) I have around 100 laptop batteries and have processed around 100 cells so far. They're just in tubs at the moment so I can't enter them...