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    XT-90 to inverter question

    Im looking at building a portable 7s battery for my School Bus. Im wanting to use a XT -90 connector from the battery to the inverter. Biggest user will be a 120v 4.3 CF mini frig. Thoughts on this route would be appreciated. My main go is to plug and go . At this time I have one 7s-20p...
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    Igan 170 cutters

    Well no replies for free cutters. Ill close this post.
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    Igan 170 cutters

    Our Walmart does not have Igan cutters. Just the cheap blue ones that break easily. 12.00 is still a good price shipped for a pair of Igan. Ill leave them for another week and pull if they fail to sell. Thank You for the information Dr Mac
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    Igan 170 cutters

    As a member that does not post often . I read many of your post . These are quality cutters . So the first two members that responds and has a shipping address In the lower 48 gets a free cutter to try it out. And put in a drawer However I will request a follow up on your thoughts on the...
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    Igan cutters model 170

    Price is 12.00 for two Or 20.00 for four PayPal, Apple Pay, Zelle, Venmo. I shipped to USA lower 48
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    Igan 170 cutters

    Igan cutters two for 12.00 shipped to lower 48 AK and HI . I would have to check shipping. I use USPS only. Four for 20 shipped Payment accepted is PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo and zelle
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    3D & 14500 Cell?s

    Update I tried using 18650 spacer/ holders . They will work turned upside down. Just take up a lot of space .
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    3D & 14500 Cell?s

    Not into tape at this time. Still checking into printing
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    3D & 14500 Cell?s

    Im new to this building of packs. And have zero experience ( other than looking ) with 3D printers. I would like to print ( I can not find them to buy ) some holders for the 14500 cells. The standard 4-5 18650 type of holders. Being new to even looking at 3D Any recommendations concerning...
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    Dorm frig power

    I have one plugged in already. Also can go Dan Foss type 12v compressor. However Im happy with a small 12v for bologna mayo cheese and beer. However She talks about eating healthy.
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    Dorm frig power

    Mainly just the frig. Led lights and 2 phones. No kids ( retired both of us ) just a camper. Planning on 2000 pure sine wave We are looking at purchasing property to build a small place off grid. So the typical power tools. I would rather have to much than not enough battery .
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    Dorm frig power

    Looking for input on build to power a dorm fridge. Usage by manufacture is. .68 kWh per 24 hrs. At this time I have approximately 300+ 18650 cells over 2000 mah We will be using this mainly for skoolie build. Will be operating a 12v water pump. And charging phones and the like . At this...
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    Far out: VW plans an electric hippie bus

    I still have several gas heaters for type 2s. If they ever build them Ill put a heater in it to save the batterys
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    any way to create packs without soldering?

    I know this is a older post. And this is my first reply . If you watch some yt videos. There are several that have built a welder using a car battery, a solenoid and some ohther items of sorts Not a hard build. And will be how I go about it. Nothing you cant do.
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    Is anyone a HAM Radio / Amateur Radio operator?

    No but a brother is one for about 40 years now . Lets see. NzeroCDH I Believe was on his tag.
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    New from Kansas City

    Well Ive gotten into the battery game late . I just retired from a life of construction. I was wanting to buy lithium ( 24v - 200 ah) for a Skoolie build we are working on. 600 watts using 6 panels. Then I got sticker shock looking at batteries. Then it hit me. We use 18650 batteries in our...