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    Yet another MOT Spot Welder

    I decided to try a MOT spot welder because I realized that I already had most of the parts lying around. I had the MOT, an old PC power supply case, a SSR, an old phone charger, various circuit components and other small stuff. After reviewing a few MOT based spot welder builds, I am trying a...
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    My 18xx bin re-visited

    I am working on the new test process with my FCDS build and have some cycle charts to share. Since we are at a New Year, I decided to go through the cells I have tested last year on the Opus, the TP4056 and early FCDS and make some charts so I can see the nature of these cells that tested to be...
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    Spring mod on a standard cell holder

    Yesterday I saw this excellent thread by Watts-on I like to tinker for entertainment and don't have a 3D printer, so wanted to see if it would be possible to modify a standard cell holder to have some of that...
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    paper on dendrites and current pulsing

    Found a new study on fusing dendrites with high current pulses in experimental chemistries. Good SEM photos.
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    Long legged thermistors

    Has anyone been saving the "long legs" thermistors when tearingdown laptop packs ? I have mangled a few before I realized my need for 36 of therlse, I startedbeing careful and have a few from thelast 20 packs I took apart. I did not notice the brand of packs that these are found in, but...
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    Small off grid cabin system

    I have a friend that asked me this weekend if I was interested in solar power, but we had just a few minutes to talk. The short story is that he has a small cabin off the grid,with a small PV setup that he wants to add more capacity to.Hewas asking me if he should get some golf cart batteries...
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    Jump start a Ryobi 18v pack with a TP4056

    My first projectto help with some return on investment in 18650 harvesting is for one of my Ryobi packs that stopped working over the summer. I think I ran this packdown and forgot about it fora while, then when Iput it on the charger, it would not charge... while on the charger, it seems to do...
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    Discharge behavior on hw-586 (zb2L4 clone?)

    I hooked up 6of these boards and ran some cells through the discharge cycle, and have decidedat least 2 of the 6 need to be either calibratedor replaced because they are reporting almost .1v different than the actual voltage. (Issue #1) I have run a few discharge cycles on these boards in the...
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    (USA) Capacity test modules

    I have a few of theseZB2L3 capacity test module for sell or trade...I decided to go aslightlydifferent route with my build and will be using another design. These areHW-586capacity testermodules(ZB2L3 knock-offs) ifanyone is interested. PM or e-mailme if interested in a fair trade at cost...
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    SecondHandPower Cell tester build

    Before taking on the DIY Powerwall,I have to build up my test processto characterize all the cells. After a couple of weeks getting to know cell behaviors and setting up a basic test station to start practicing my test process, I have realized it is time to move up from my 4 cell Opus to...
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    Barcodes and the process

    I found a few cells with barcodes from the factory... none seem to beuseful to me, but I cant help thimking how much I want to sticka simple barcode label on my cells. On the other hand the process of using a marker to write the mAH orvoltage (or time or temperature or date or whatever you feel...
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    Heaters and long charge times

    I was trying out my Opus tester over the weekend using the charge function,and noticed a few cells going over the 60C temp limit and the Opus would drop the current then continuecharging after the cell cools a bit. I checked a few that were up to62 and 63 degrees, and got this photo of one over...
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    Hello from Alabama

    Hi, Just started learning about DIY Powerwall before the US Thanksgiving holiday. I have a over in PR where they have been without power for 3 mos and will not be getting power restored for another few months. I finally got to a HF that had a Preadator 2000 on the shelf and sent it to...