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    18650 Cluster grenades

    There seems to be a universalignorance of the dangers of Li-ion cells. Very few people seem to know what internal resistance is. Or why it matters. Very few people seem to know what thermal runaway is. Very few people seem to know what short circuit current they are playing with. Very few people...
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    After researching this for months, I've discovered that it is a scam These cells are made in China. The US resellers are multiplying the manufacturer specifications by 10 and putting enormous markups on them with dodgy warranty terms
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    Buck stable voltage?

    Anyone know if a buck gives stable output voltage when the input voltage is changing? Eg battery voltage vs 5v?
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    What is YOUR short circuit current?

    Every person installing 18650 cells in parallel needs to know the answer to this question. I see some people scared of the volts. I see many people not scared of anything. What I don't see, is anyone afraid of the amps. A single 18650 cell has a a short circuit current of 50A. Multiply that...
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    PIP4048MS new firmware

    Over on the aeva forum they are working on a firmware update, mainly making adjustments for charging of Lithium cells. I'm trying to get them to add output data without request No download yet, few days away
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    I'm going to do a tutorial for my bms, arduino code, circuit diagrams, Android app etc. Can I get a separate category for that please on board index
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    Fangpusun charge controllers

    ITEM : Fangpusun 100/50 Condition : used for 1 week Description : Fangpusun 50A 100v 12/24 charge controller Location : NZ Picture : attached Postage : NO 2 available 150nzd each or both for 280.
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    Check out my LifePO4 build on YouTube Specifications: Current status: semi off grid Input: 4.5kw Storage: 10.6kwh Output: 5800w No load consumption: 2w Nominal voltage: 48v Max charge current: 75A Charge voltage: <= 60v Balance current: 1A Battery life: 25 years Equipment: 250w 24v...