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    I present you EVAL v1.0

    Hello, I present you EVAL in its version 1.0. That I have developed, it is a modular unloader charger. It consists of 3 PCB: 1 EVAL. 2 HUB8 3 CADE It supports a total of 96 18650 cells to be evaluated. I am working to support many more. I give you the link of the video so that you can see it...
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    Building an unloader charger 500ma or 1A?

    Hello everyone. I am building an unloader charger, to evaluate 18650 cells. I have a question, I don't know whether to discharge at 500 mA or 1A. At 500 mA, it takes a long time about 4 hours or more. Does the capacity measurement vary if it is done at 500mA or 1A? What do you recommend? Thanks