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    Dubious stuff from china

    El-cheapo battery chargers These darn things either do not work at all or very poorly. If it's a higher priced one with capacity measurement the values are more or less randomor way off. "MPPT" Solar charge controllers Even though these are reasonably priced, the devices do not implement a...
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    Hello from Western Germany

    Hello guys! As a long term electronics hobbyist and tinkerer i have a huge interest in repairing, recycling and repurposing old electronics equipment. I do not have much money to spend, so i'm looking to build new things on the cheap. Making portable batteries for radio operation from recycled...
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    Lux's Powerwall

    For this many loads, i highly doubt a 40Wp panel is enough. I bet you need at least twice as much. 100Wp panels are reasonabl priced. Much less cash per Watts than a 40Wp one-
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    DC powered devices

    Seeing that many users do not just build powerwalls but also more or less portable batteries for sheds, garages and others, using inverters adds unnecessary complexity, as most everyday electronics are DC powered anyway, either internally or externally. However it is still not quite easy to find...