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  1. Amigaman

    Unknown ASO/SZN Cell Specifications

    ASO GK2K121EP 811930 SZN 6 cells recovered from an unused ML:4710 Acer battery pack 4400mAh 49Wh (generic NON-branded) Wrapper = Mauve/Pale Purple Insulator = Translucent /White All cells seem to charge to 4.2v OK and discharge to 3.00v
  2. Amigaman

    eBay UK seller has 64x packs of 24 cell LifePO4 IFR18650e

    @Korishan I am sorry for posting in the wrong forum I thought I'd looked everywhere... lol @daromer the ebay listing has ended on the 12th (today) I have sent the seller an email asking if they were sold (he had 0 bids) and if he will relist, as for how many cycles they have been through maybe...
  3. Amigaman

    eBay UK seller has 64x packs of 24 cell LifePO4 IFR18650e

    this is not my auction and although I have no need of these cells I thought others here might and at 1536 cells at 1,850 = 1.20 per cell is this a good deal? I was looking as some saved searches on ebay when I noticed this listing...
  4. Amigaman

    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    PULY C18650P-1300mAh wrap = transparent metallic pale blue insulator = red 3 cells removed from a PULY Cordless Screwdriver
  5. Amigaman

    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    THISS 18650 3.7V FP/18A Green cell wrapper, Transparent insulator ring 6 cells recovered from an ACER 5920 Rating: 11.1V 5200mAh 58Wh charged from 3.00v to 4.25v 2100mAh
  6. Amigaman

    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    CBT18650-22J T12 Teal cell wrapper, Transparent insulator ring 6 cells recovered from a 5200mah battery for Acer UM08A71 UM08A72 Note: Reviewed 11/20/2019, couldn't find any information online.
  7. Amigaman

    Sky RC MC3000 - Buidling Powerwalls is dangerous!

    cadric I was wondering if it would be possible to take the bottom of the charger off and post some photos of the PCB, I'm thinking maybe something inside the charger failed. If you can dismantle the charger and take pictures of both sides of the PCB that would be great, I don't suppose you will...
  8. Amigaman

    Processed Submissions and Updates

    LGES218650 6 cells from a genuine HP battery module HSTNN-LB42 still charging but seem to have similar characteristics as the other LG S2's in the database Note: Added as variation to existing record. Thanks!
  9. Amigaman

    LG LGDB318650 Cell Specifications

    Datasheet: see last page for photo reference.
  10. Amigaman

    Tin Whiskers 101

    Dave Jones (EEVblog) on YouTube recently posted this video on Tin Wiskers, RoHS, RoHS 2, WEEE, and where general world legislation has evolved and where its going regarding electronic waste.
  11. Amigaman

    Dala's EVNX buildthread (1991 Nissan NX)

    how do you plan on powering the hydraulic power steering?, you might be better off getting a salvaged EPS rack Electronic Power Steering, like on >2002 MK7 Honda Civics and most modern VW Golfs have EPS so it would just be just a cylindrical 12v motor to power and not a hydraulic pump running...
  12. Amigaman

    Dala's EVNX buildthread (1991 Nissan NX)

    Dala you might like this video 1985 Maserati Bi-Turbo nice project, keep at it
  13. Amigaman

    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    TS 18650 01 3.7v 1215 6 cells recovered from a laptop pack blue with white insulator charged to 4.20v rested 2 hours 4.17v 1931mAh I think there was an ebay listing for some of these cells but I'm unable to find anything more about them, Note: Reviewed 11/20/2019, unable to...
  14. Amigaman

    Processed Submissions and Updates

    Samsung INR18650 13B INR18650 LI-ION BATTERY 1300MAH 23A Battery specifications: Model no.:INR18650-13B Discharging rate :25A Capacity:1300mah Made in Korea Voltage:3.7V Weight:47g Size:18x65mm
  15. Amigaman

    Maximum discharge Imax B6

    iMAX B6 = 5A charge 1A discharge iMAX B6AC v2 = 6A charge 2A discharge iMAX B6 Mini = 6A charge 2A discharge the B6AC v2 and the B6 mini both have a firmware update to 1.13 which has added LiHV mode and the ability balance check disabling...
  16. Amigaman

    Where to recycle plastic and PCB bits of battery packs

    yes any householder or private person in Missouri you can legally throw electronic waste in the trash I would think like most states it will take government intervention i.e. new laws restricting or banning the disposal of electronic waste in landfills before recycling centres are able to take...
  17. Amigaman

    Hello from a sunny UK

    yep, A500, A1200 and A4000 Tower, but I only have the 1200 left tho and now use Winuae (windows emulator)
  18. Amigaman

    Using Laptop Battery PCBs for more efficient harvesting

    some problems I would think you are likely to run in to will probably be linked to the protection implemented: the board will be expecting a specific voltage and ampage as it will be expecting the oem power supply could also be expecting signals to and from the main cpu for things like voltage...
  19. Amigaman

    Hello from a sunny UK

    Hi it isn't really sunny, we are experiencing a rather bad (for the UK) cold spell which has pretty much ground the whole country to a halt. I have recently found a new hobby that is harvesting 18650 cells from laptop batteries and as I already own an imax b6ac v2 I have wanted to build my own...