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  1. hermitdave

    Kia Niro Phev battery

    A while ago I was considering a Outlander battery pack for use at home however I’ve come across many Niro packs that are much cheaper. Has anyone here used one of those?
  2. hermitdave

    PV phase 1 complete

    I managed to install 4x 250w secondlife panels earlier this week and wired the Growatt 1500s yesterday. Considering it was very miserable for most of the day, it was good to see it generating enough for background usage for an hour today The router is mounted on external wall and I added WiFi...
  3. hermitdave

    Growatt 1500s

    Just picked up Growatt 1500s inverter and in the installation manual it mention DIP stick config for different countries. I can't seem to find UK on the list. UK grid network recommendations include G83 and G59. Anyone have similar configuration with other inverter?
  4. hermitdave

    Sunamp heat batteries

    Recently I came across Sunamp heat batteries which are direct replacement to Hot water tank and very efficient way to store excess PV. They have efficiency of over 96% and no drop even after 45000 . Anyone on the forum using them?
  5. hermitdave

    DIY PV install ideas

    Hello folks, I picked up 16 Siliken SLKM6L modules and SolarEdge SE3680H inverter a few days ago. Since I have zero experience installing this, I plan to install 4 PV module on top of single storey extension. I was thinking of using micro-inverters on the 4 panels and see the output. Once I am...
  6. hermitdave

    Leaf battery packs and modules

    The company mentioned in Victron Multiplus post has a few full Leaf battery,modules and BMS 1x complete gen 1 pack. unknown Price: 2000 + VAT 1x full gen2 24kwh pack >85% soh Price: 4000 + VAT 2x full gen3 30kwh packs >60%SOH Price: 3000 + VAT each 1x full gen4 40kwh pack >95%SOH...
  7. hermitdave

    [SOLD ]Victron Multiplus 48/5000/70 - 30 units

    One of the companies I am dealing with has a large number of Victron Multiplus 48V / 5000VA / 70A. These were purchased for a project that didn't take off and are being cleared away. Having read in detail, this...
  8. hermitdave

    Used panels

    Has anyone ever considered getting used panels? I know that there is a degradation over time though not sure how much. Saw a 53 panel pallet on eBay for 2k (spec rating 230W) wondered if it was any good. Plan is to have North + South in parallel and another with East + West. Shove them on all...
  9. hermitdave

    18650 stash

    I am putting my collection of 18650 for sale.. 154x 2000mAh and over 66x 1500 to 2000 mAh 14x 1000 to 1500 mAh 9x handmade charger Tru power PSU based 12V charger Bits to make a variable power supply Open to offers I'm based near North London (EN7 6TT)
  10. hermitdave

    Valence LiFePo4 130Ah used

    Hello folks, It has been a long time. Got tired of harvesting (more like looking for cheap source of laptop batteries) ans stopped. I found a source that has 20-30 Valence 12V 130Ah LiFePo4 packs. The issue is that their condition is unknown, they are used but no capacity measurement was done...
  11. hermitdave

    Cost of Solar installation - UK

    Hello folks, On eBay I can buy 4kW ex-demo kit for around 1800.00. Yesterday I looked for an online quote for a solar installation. Zanussi Solar quoted nearly 5000.00 for entire work including panels, inverter and installation for a 3kW system. I understand that there be substantial roof...
  12. hermitdave

    Going green.. buying a leaf to replace petrol car

    Having started on this journey recycling cells and thinking about going green, I took the plunge swapping petrol car for a leaf.
  13. hermitdave

    GWL Power - RT-BMS

    I came across GWL Power's RT-BMS in my search for a EU based BMS provider. however there is not much info about them.. there seems to be another option which is a passive BMS called BMS123. Wondering if anyone has used either and how...
  14. hermitdave

    UK - Cleaned viable cells pricing

    I have been discussing purchase of cells from an unknown source - trying to bypass UK related Environmental Agency directives relating to batteries marked as waste. I have seen battery packs being sold for about 2 - 3 here and those might give anywhere from 3 to 6 cells.. Roughly 0.5 per cell...
  15. hermitdave

    Cell capacity drops at lower discharge rate

    Hello all, In another thread I was talking about creating 120Ah packs and to that effect I decided to put cells with capacity less than 2000mAh and total capacity loss less than 30%. I appreciate the points made and decided to just check that initial pack for capacity at lower discharge rate -...
  16. hermitdave

    And so it begins

    Having processed 200+ cells, my handswere getting itchy and my cells needed to be sorted to make space for more. Decided to group sub 2000mAh cells with capacity of approx 30% or more into Pack 1. So far 52 Cells in pack 1 and approximate capacity of 116Ah Next pack cell sorting...
  17. hermitdave

    TP 4056 charger

    Finally got my hands on TP 4056, battery holders, double sided tape and 11A capable wiring. Hadn't soldered for a while though it's all working. One middle went bustand had to be replaced. The converted PSUworked as well
  18. hermitdave

    Fireworks from generic powertools pack.

    Today I opened one of the two power tools battery pack I salvaged yesterday.. the Makita and a no name.. No name had YLE 18650E cells which aren't shrink wrapped rather wrapped in thick brown paper. Found 8 of 10 cells viable though whilst trying to undo spot welding, sparks flew and paper...
  19. hermitdave

    Thermal cutoff fuse

    Whilst opening laptop battery packs, I've noticed what appears to be thermal fuses. Today while watching one ofJehu's video there was a mention of them being on Tesla and i wondered why we go for fast blow rather than thermal cutoff fuses. Checking AliExpress I can see a few.. not as cheap as...
  20. hermitdave

    6P 20700 spot welder

    A few weeks ago whilst raiding the local battery bin, i came across Dyson battery pack that yielded 6x 26xx mAh batteries capable of 30A discharge. I didn't think this through back then so broke the 6S configuration. Wanting to put them to good use i think 6P would give a burst of 180 amps at...