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    Busbar calculate dimension

    Hi there. Been prototyping a busbar made from 16mm2 strained copper, but the strained copper is difficult to work with. Now, I was trying to calculate the wire size using stiff copper wire, for example 3x4mm2 twisted. So how do you calculate it? what I mean is, I have two wires going down the...
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    Selecting a good inverter

    Hello I have build a 48V 20KwH battery, i got 32x250W panels on the roof. I have a really hard time locating a good quality 3 phase inverter or 3x1 phase. I've looked at MPP PIP, but it seems like its buggy, AND consuming a lot of power when its idle. I live in Denmark, where its dark for a...
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    Is this okay - or should I go the long route?

    My first pack, my first power wall. Spot welded the positive side with fuses from BatteryHookup. The other side, these Double nickel strips from China. Now for the crossing direction, do I need to weld that strip on for every row, or as Ive done it so far - for each 5 rows? The AC load will...
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    Where do you keep your batteries?

    So as im building a big pack, 20KwH, and its my first pack, for our new house, i was originally planning on storing the batteries in the garage. However, im not sure if the insurance will cover a fire started by an enormous battery which is home made. Then i thought, well i will build a outside...
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    Cells with different cut off

    Hi. Testing a lot of cells. Half of them go to 2.75 the other half to 3.0 Since im building many packs for a large 20 kWh power wall, I dont see any reason to let them discharge below 3.0 in my capacity test. Do you agree? Capacity will ofcouse be limited, but that doesnt matter since I will...
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    Large quantity, low voltage

    Hi guys. Newcomer here. Building a large power wall. I have harvested cells from around 450 batteries. All batteries were Lenovo, and they have been disposed because the computer refurbished didnt want to resell the computers (not worth refurbishing) many batteries have been tested from the...