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  1. Chopstime

    18650 Battery Pack for 4x4 off-road travel

    Hi everyone :) I was hoping some people with good experience can offer any advice before I continue any further (I have learnt as I go, making many mistakes). Note that I lost my job recently and money is very tight so I am using as many cheap alternatives as I can. I have finished testing mAH...
  2. Chopstime

    TP4056 - Voltage and Wire Gauge Questions :)

    Hi all :) I am currently building an 18650 testing station: The heat-sinks (Aluminium) works extremely well with Self-amalgamating tape (great thermal performance) as electric isolator. The high temp of the TP4056 is practically gone. I'm proud of that addition! I have had a few issues...
  3. Chopstime

    Hi from Brisbane!

    Hi from Brisbane, AU! Hi Pete, you live here too right? That's why I can't find any laptop batteries, lol ;) I have a long term project of converting a sail boat to electric and using 18650's to power it (with safety as a major concern), this project is a few years away yet! Then I will escape...