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  1. tjobapuerh

    Parallell fusing

    Hey guys! i’m setting up a battery pack of 29.4v / 30Amph. i couldn’t find locally appropriate fuses, and made this parallell set up with 3 fuses of 20A each. Will this work? cheers!
  2. tjobapuerh

    7S10P Li-ion build ,, insulation?

    Hey guys! I'm putting together this battery here: It's 29.4v 7S10P Li-ion 18650 as you can see from the photos. I have a 100A Daly BMS, a DIY fuse solution of 20A car fuses in parallellx3, and one shunt for an Amp/V meter. I've made the connections I needed to do; Now I need to make a box for...
  3. tjobapuerh

    Breaker fuse @ Amp or Wattage? + Individual cell fuse question

    Hey there! I have just finished soldering together a 7s10p li-ion 18650 battery of pretty new second hand Panasonic NCR18650B cells, and I am about to solder onto it a Daly BMS for 7S100A. In a conversation with a friend about which fuses to add at the output power from the BMS, he told me...
  4. tjobapuerh

    Small pack 3S only 4.15v -- What am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys! I'm sure the answer is ridiculously simple. But I'm assembling here my first pack as a little experiment, from used laptop batteries, that I have tested and rated for Ah, and assembled accordingly. At the outset they were all around 4.15v, and I've assembled them in 3s3p. I've used...
  5. tjobapuerh

    DIY Charger for 7S/29.4V ?

    Hey guys! I am about to assemble a battery I've been planning for a while, that was supposed to be 7S 24V li-ion. The project has been infinitely delayed because of crazy shipping times due to the whole covid situation, obviously. My problem now, is that I don't have a charger that would work...
  6. tjobapuerh

    Maximizing battery capacity question

    Hey! I'm trying to harvest information on the advantages/disadvantages of different volt systems in battery builds. As I have 100x 18650 li-ion cells of 3000mah each to play with, I'm trying to determine what's the best set up. I've been dwelling over a 12v 4s set up or a 24v 7s set up. I...
  7. tjobapuerh

    Experimental battery pack set-up? Or well tested/functional format?

    Hey! I'm about to assemble together a battery pack of 99x18650 (3A) li-ion cells. I am thinking a 3S configuration, and I was thinking to make the pack in three. In other words three packs of 3S 11P, with each a BMS of 40A range. And then connect them all with XT60s. I am fairly new to...
  8. tjobapuerh

    New iMax B6 Evo

    Hey ! Does anyone have experience with the new iMax B6 Evo? I suppose it does the same as the old model, just better UI and whatnot. But regardless of the model, I was uncertain whether or not this also charges LiFePo4? For the Li-ion it reads 1-6 cells...