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    High voltage hybrid inverter (GW6000-EH) with EV battery (Chevy Volt)

    Hi everyone, I will share my experience with these new HV hybrid inverters and EV batteries working together as energy storage systems in this thread. I've been planning to build a small PV system for a long time. A hybrid system with a big battery :) I was looking for used EV batteries for...
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    Charge/Discharge station with SBC (Orange/Raspberry PI)

    Hi, Inspired byFrescaand MrConstantinprojectsI've decided to make a newcharger/discharger station, but using with different approach. My goal isto control and visualize whole process of battery testingwith a single-board computer. There is now a large selection of models,they are cheap...
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    Hello from Sofia, Bulgaria

    Hi all, My name is Yasen and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria (EU). Solarenergy is my old passion and I believe that future belongs to renewableenergy. Energy storage is animportanttopic and I have foundvery interesting projectshere. Thank you for the excellentforum and great community! I have started...