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    Electricity grid suppliers will now charge Australians twice

    Due to pure luck I now have a contact with one of Australia's largest LIBs imports / wholesalers. I went to place an order recently for a few boxes of LIBs and he is saying he is in back order ATM. Apparently the companies that are going to charge Australians for exporting to the grid are...

    Anyone able to determine LIB data structures ( DS ) ?

    I have been looking to read the cycles from a cell directly just like a BMS does. I have tried to disassemble the code in a few BMSs and found what I believe is the structure, but I cannot find the location for the cycles. The engineers seem to have made an effort to obfuscate the structures...

    How to attach 'Caps' to a cell ?

    As I'm a newbie I have been buying stuff to see how it 'works' I bought these caps " 100pcs/lot 21700 lithium battery can be spot welded positive flat cap 20700 lithium battery pole piece DIY assembly parts " Basically because I couldn't see how they work from the net listing and then seller...

    Electricity companies get green light to charge rooftop solar owners for exporting power to grid

    ADMINS : I couldn't decide which is best place to post this, so pls. move to appropriate for me :) Yes you read it right, in Australia we are going to be charged when we export elec...

    Details for Yinlong LTO 66160 ?

    I'm trying to purchase Yinlong LTO 66160 cells. Does anyone have any experience with these cells over a few years and can provide me with some details Lifetime Cycles ( I know this will be an estimate ) Charge time Link to the specs. for their cells Charging setup Thxs

    Anyone know of a 'dumb' BMS ?

    The current BMS's are way to 'smart' and expensive. What we do not want firstly - An app. to connect to the BMS - these apps are g8 to debug a pack, but way to complex for end users who just want to plug and play and walk away - Multi lingual ( English only ) - LED screen - WiFi connectivity...

    Wanted box of Tesla 2170 Model X cells Adel. SA

    Hi All, Adel. , Gawler SA general area I want to buy lithium cells box of Tesla 2170 Model X cells. I WILL COME TO YOU and pick up. cheers

    How to limit the effect of heat on LIBs packs ?

    G'Day Guys Now that it is very timely for all of you in the Northern Hemi. I'm seeing how in BC the temp. was getting close to 50 Deg. recently and breaking all records. Over the years I have found heat, especially direct sunlight is a real hassle with LIBs. packs :( I have found on a couple...

    Re-wire a house to use 24v LEDs ?

    G'Day Guys We have to replace our roof as the tiles are well worn out now and while the roof is off I'm thinking of wiring in LEDs as 'backup' lighting. We already have desk lights using USB plugs into 240V or power banks when the lighting goes off, which happens regularly even though we have...

    What is the best way to make LI Bats. 'last' ?

    I have been buying new batteries 1865 + 2170 and have read that to get them to last the longest do not fully discharge or fully charge to get the maximum life out of them. I always fully charge a new bat. and have a database ( Not SQL ) that I record charging and discharging of each cell so I...

    All Weather Power Control

    G'Day Guys I searched on here and across the NET and cannot find any solution, basically wanted to be able to switch on tub lights, LED strips etc. with an 'app'. Hoping for a 12V/24V off/on 'app' and hardware for my 4x4 lights. Then each light could have its own battery pack with a manual...

    Got a regulator to adjust 24v ( 29.4 ) to 12v ( 13.8 ). how to adjust a packs CCA ?

    So a quick update, I started out building 12v packs for water pumps as I live in the driest state ( SA ) in the driest continent ( Oz ). long story short now I'm building mainly 24v packs for fridges ( 12/24/240 V ), Air Compressors both 12v and 24v, LED lighting etc. Started with 1865 and now...

    Where Did AlarmHookup Go?

    G'Day OffGridInTheCity I cannot find an eBay seller with the name 'alarmhookup' Can you PM or post a link to one of their item ? TIA

    Certified 18650 Cell Reclamation Technician

    G'Day Guys I notice that "someone" has the very impressive Certified 18650 Cell Reclamation Technician in their sig. How do I become a 'guru' not 'expert' like them ??? I have tried searching -> But, I cannot find the Uni. course I need to complete to become a 'guru' as...

    New Panasonic 18650s to Oz SA

    G'Day Guys Looking to buy Panasonic18650s On this page you can see batteries I want to buyPanasonic NCR 18650B 3.7VI can currently buy for < $7.00 AUD. I live in South Australia and we are now having lots of problems buying bats. via eBay etc. I want to buy 100 to start with and see if the...

    12V-24V MPPT Charger Controller USB out & RJ45 or WiFi & HTTP XML or RS232 port ?

    G'Day Guys I'm in the market for a solar panel charge controller (CC). But, I want to be able to connect by LAN via RJ45 or WiFi. Plus it would be gr8 to be able to browse via port 80 HTTP to view power flow in a few charts - wouldn't it be nice (WIBN) :) If the CC was able to write to a...

    Anyone from South Oz on here ?

    G'Day Guys I was hoping to find other alt. power DIYers on this forum. TIA NG

    Pack design for 12v / 24v / 240v Fridge Sx Py zPacks ?

    G'Day Guys I have been experimenting for a few years now with mainly 12v water pumps powered by 18650 packs recharged via solar. All is working well, but the bats. are all recycled from laptop bat packs. So very CHEAP -:) I have now bought 120 x new 18650s, 2 x different manufs. 60 each...

    Circular saw <- Inverter <- Bats

    G'Day Guys I have been reading a few of the post on the site, particularly like the 'HomeData Centre Powerwall Build' :) Amazing what you guys have been designing and building, I wish I had started earlier. My next project is to get my Circular Saw ( mains powered not Bat.)running on Bats...

    Portable 18650 pack to run 12v 70w water pump

    G'Day Guys I have searched on this forum and in bing and google without much joy. I can find cases that will take 60x18650. but no batteries supplied with the cases !!! I'm a newbie and I know this forum is about DIY etc. I would be happy to pay for a portable 18650 power pack or build oneso I...