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  1. LEDSchlucker

    Cell Charge-Discharge Efficiency testing

    Hi guys, a while ago I asked myself what the charge-discharge efficiency of a li-ion cell is. So I tried to measure it with an Opus, but the result that came out is pretty disappointing... Measured Values: Cell 1: Cell 2: Cell 3: Cell 4: CH 2115mAh 2106mAh 2035mAh 2086mAh DC 2378mAh...
  2. LEDSchlucker

    Facts and Infos about the Opus BT-C3100 Charger

    Hi guys, as I bought my first Opus I didn't know much about it, and over time I read many facts about it in different Threads. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to have all that Facts and knowledge about the Opus in one thread. So I decided to create this thread for that Info, and I will...
  3. LEDSchlucker

    Pouch Cells -- LiIon or LiPo?

    Hi, recently I got some Pouch Cells out of an E-Bike Pack. On the Pack itself was no writing about the type, the Brand or the configuration of the cells. The Voltage of the cells was around 3.9V. Here are some Pictures: The Number 10B020 is the same on all Cells and the Number...
  4. LEDSchlucker

    90% of the cells 0V / >10M? ???every CID triggered???

    Hello guys, Yesterday, I got a Bosch E-Bike pack, which had LG ME1 Cells in it (LGDAME11865). Then I checked the voltage all except for four were at 0V. So I tried to recover them at 50mA, but nothing happened, no current flew. So I checked the Impedance and it was over 10M? :dodgy:with Is it...
  5. LEDSchlucker

    Do we need to cut off charging at a certain current on Li-ion Cells?

    Hi all, The Opus for example stops charging when the voltage is 4.2V and the current drops under 50mA. But what happens if we continue charging with CV 4.2V? Am I right, that this would be the same as if we connect two cells with a small SoC difference in parallel? If yes, would this be a...
  6. LEDSchlucker

    Do I have to worry about Over Discharged Cells?

    Hi all, I have 40 18650 which were 0V and I recovered all of them, the capacity is 3400mAh and the SD is ok. So recently I stumbled over this Article: Under-voltage / Over-discharge Rechargeable Lithium cells suffer from under-voltage as well as over-voltage. Allowing the cell voltage to...
  7. LEDSchlucker

    HP ProBook 6560b Battery Cell Repleacement Issue

    Today, I replaced the cells from my HP Laptop. Now the Laptop says the battery has only 7.4V, but if I measure the voltage on the BMS the Multimeter says 12.4V, so the cells aren't empty. :dodgy: And if I measure on the connector the voltage was also something around 7V. Then I connected a 1K...
  8. LEDSchlucker

    Hi from Switzerland

    Hi, I'm from Switzerland and watched a long time Peters YouTube Videos and now, because I start building, I thought I'll join here. I started a while ago asking about old E-Bike Batteries, and now I have some Cells. I am measuring the Capacity with an Opus. Because I don't have much money, I...