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  1. Stefanseiner

    18650 Garden-Powerwall with 50KWh in Germany

    Hello, my name is Stefan ( 37, from Germany) and after reading a lot at this wonderful board and watching tons of vids from HB and others at YT since the last few month I'd like to share my building progress with you folks, show my successes and my mistakes too. The beginning: in march this...
  2. Stefanseiner

    14s or 15s 18650 Powerwall? - for MPP Solar MPI 10KW @ max 60V

    Hello, I am planing and actually building a powerwall with 18650s I got from old laptop and ebike batteries. Actual state: I disassebled lots of both of them and harvested round about 5.000 cells, tested them and sorted them into 50mAh range, now ready to build up some packs. I plan 240p...
  3. Stefanseiner

    China batterie 18650 test - 508.800mAh in 62 cells

    Hello everyone, most of you will know them, many (or hopefully all) will avoid them, maybe some are even fallen for it: China-cells with enormous capacity values A few month ago, as I didn't now anything about 18650 and LiIon in generall, I stumbled over some "Ultrafire 6.000mAh" on eBay...
  4. Stefanseiner

    Type determination 2x unknown baby-blue: TP ICR18650 MA2GG27 & DLG 3AA Z 18E26 171106

    Hello, today I got a few akkupacks from ebikes and there are two cell types I can't find anything about them, neither with Google nor within the cell database. Both are 18650 cells. #1 - TP ICR18650 MA2GG27 #2 - DLG 3AA Z 18E26 171106 I got one and a half boxes extra, they are...
  5. Stefanseiner

    Type determination: Which 18650 is that? "TLNZY57" red

    Hello, Today I disassembled an e-bike battery from 2016, inside there are lots of red 18650 cells. Voltage> 4 volts, Ri around 35 - that could be something, but I would like to know what kind of battery it is exactly. There is not really an imprint, but if you look closely you can see the...
  6. Stefanseiner

    adjustable Cheap Chinese Active Balancers

    Hello everyone, according to this thread -> Cheap Chinese Active Balancers I think it disqualifies these balancers because the balancing-start-voltage is too high and you can't change the parameters. But: has someone tested this chinese active balancer with bluetooth app...
  7. Stefanseiner

    Stefanseiner from Germany

    Hello there, my name is Stefan, I am 37, socialworker and at this time I'm core renovating an 115 years old farmers house together with my (not married yet :rolleyes: ) wife. She's a gereatric nurse and because both of our jobs are not with very high salary we've done all the...