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  1. BuffaloPowerWall

    BYD LiFePo4 Packs Drama

    There appears to be some drama with these batteries where Second Life Storage was selling the batteries for Big Battery. The batteries that were being shipped by Big Battery for Second Life Storage were "B" & "C" grade that were not testing near the 4-4.5 Kwh that was advertised. There is an...
  2. BuffaloPowerWall

    Wanted: Laptop Batteries in Western New York

    Wanted : Lots of laptop battery packs Where : Western New York I am looking for laptop battery packs in the Western New York area to feed my automatic battery charger when I complete it.
  3. BuffaloPowerWall

    Automatic cell testing

    I am starting to design a machine that can autonomously test 6 18650 cells at a time with minimal interaction. There will be a hopper on the top to store the cells, a wheel to collect and place the cells in charging/discharging slots, and a hopper below to store the tested cells. My goal is to...