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    Re-wire a house to use 24v LEDs ?

    Use the original wiring. Separate the wires at the panel if you really want just low voltage for lights. as an added bonus you can power all the lights from a separate AC/DC transformer if you don't have DC available. Really the easiest solution is to replace the fixtures with LEDs. They have...
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    2 wheel drive

    I helped build one of these for a delivery bike. First you have to use identical hub motors/controllersand not just similarly rated motors otherwise they will fight and destroy each other. Wheel diameter and tires obviously have to also be identical. If you are using second life batteries then...
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    New power wall Mures

    So true! He could be blowing every fuse at 60amps and more that 4 amps possible per cell.
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    Help Solving a Problem

    You can purchase a smart WiFi programmablethermostat that has a 2 wire input for an outdoor thermocouple. They are made for heat pumps so you can set a differential temp, maximum and minimum indoor, Rate of change (does not wait for high SP if outdoor thermocouple is rising faster than N/min)...
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    lead acid battery monitor / BMS?

    Possible? sure. Worthwhile? I doubt it. Spend your money on a custom configurable charge controller that can be tuned exactly to your solar/generator/turbine and exactly to the battery manufacturers specs. I have had really good luck with strings of 8 (8s)Trojan T105s and a Morningstar Tristar...
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    I thought i was lucky, when...

    Can't you just remove the nickel strips by rolling them off with some needle-nose pliers? I wouldn't use a solvent because it could dissolve the seal on the vent valve. If removing the nickel strips removes the potting on the top and bottom of the cells you can just re-wrap the cells and they...
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    battery powered electric lawnmower help?

    A 30 watt 12 volt panel would take amonthto charge a 2.5kWh 18650 based battery. You would need a contactor to engage the motor. If you replaced the motor with a 48 voltmotor it would be mucho expensive. I looked at buying three of them for a lawn tractor project and it was going to be about...
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    battery powered electric lawnmower help?

    Trust me. Buy an extension cord or buy a battery electric lawn mower used and make your own battery. That black and decker motor is probably 16 amps at 120 volts or 1900watts you would need a 2.5 Kwh battery to run it for an hour. It would be heavy as all Fu** and you could buy a new electric...
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    [DIY Project] Reverse Protected 18650 Lithium-Ion Charging Unit

    Hey Bubba! I'm in the Grove. Where did you see the TP5100? I didn't know that existed.
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    Where to buy new pouch cells

    If you would consider used cells you should look at these alarmhookup cells on Ebay. Cheers
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    [DIY Project] Reverse Protected 18650 Lithium-Ion Charging Unit

    I agree thatPhilipp's design is an improvement and since I have the Gerber file it could probably be easily added to the cheap board. The fuse is less interesting to me although it is a very good solution I would prefer to not need to replace fuses.Philipp's addition could be easily added on a...
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    [DIY Project] Reverse Protected 18650 Lithium-Ion Charging Unit

    Is there a way to provide reverse polarityprotection for the TP4056 without a fuse? Many small devices have this feature so how do they accomplish this?
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    TP4056 X 4 charger PCB boards

    Can I get a opinion on these simple boards from some of you smart electronics guys on the forum? I ordered 10 of them to make a 40 cell parallel charger since I already have the other parts required to build a charge only board for my cell testing before the Opus testing. I have asked the...
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    TP4056 X 4 charger PCB boards

    I'm looking for feedback on this YouTube video and the PCB board file that this fellow has provided the file and links for. I ordered 10 boards so I can precharge the cells that I'm processing. Please comment. I realize that there is no reverse polarity protection so I might have to add that so...
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    BAE-200 Powerwall

    No mixingon the same system. Really bad idea. Each systemwill need their own charge controller and inverter or you will lose capacity to the lowest denominator. This simple math fellas.Is it possible?Theoretically yes. is it smart? DUCK no.
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    HBPowerwall (Official)

    No, It won't pay for itself. If you want to go off grid part of the time, you may recover your money over time. You need a shit-ton of batteries and probably 10kW or moreof panels to make it economic. If you are doing it to reduce your footprint then yes I would say it is worthwhile. I would not...
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    Ultrafire ebay batteries

    Just take them to the recycle. They are garbage. It's a scam. Don't do anything crazy like placing them in salt water. That is just a crazy thing to do with any chemical battery unless you are making a video about what not to do with a battery. Galvanic corrosion in salt water will destroy any...
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    anybody here from London Ontario Canada

    Brights Grove (London side of Sarnia) on the lake. What are you building? I'm building a 40kWh 18650 based powerwall to store my extra solar and run pumps and LED grow lights for my hydroponic basement veggie garden. Cheers, Pete
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    Battery storage

    Remember that 18650s don't like to be stored at full voltage (4.** volts cell) Try to make sure the batteries are stored at 3.7 volts/cell to prevent degradation of the cells. Measure the battery voltage and divide by the # of batteries in series and then discharge so that you are at 3.7 or a...