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    Grid tie transfer switch

    Good morning all from sunny UK (today at least) Sorry been away a few months, ebike builds have taken up almost all of my time.. I have finally managed to get enough usage usage estimations from my current set up to start and build my whole home battery backup system. I know that we use a...
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    Hello from the UK

    Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon, I have been using the cell database for a while while collecting and processing cells for my powerwall project, which is rather slow going due to being an ebike battery builder. eventually i intend to have 2 walls, 1 built with New Cells... and 1 built with...
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    Some Ebike Battery Porn - A few builds

    As a new member, just adding a few ebike packs that have been built over last few months.. i was asked to start taking photos of builds but i usually forget so here are a few
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    New Build - which way is better

    I have been collecting and testing laptop recycled cells for a couple of years now with the plan of building a powerwall, building the packs isnt a problem as i build ebike packs from new cells, which other than the random tests of the cells to make sure capacity is as close to specs as...