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    TP4056 X 4 charger PCB boards

    I'm looking for feedback on this YouTube video and the PCB board file that this fellow has provided the file and links for. I ordered 10 boards so I can precharge the cells that I'm processing. Please comment. I realize that there is no reverse polarity protection so I might have to add that so...
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    Charger for 160p 18650 blocks

    I would like to buy (not build) a charger for my 160p blocks. Does such a charger exist? I want to be able to charge each assembled block of 160p to about 4 volts before connecting the 14 blocks in series for my 14sbattery. I see lots of 5 volt power supplies available but I need to be able to...
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    Solexx Powerwall Project

    I've just started my powerwall project. So far I'm stripping the Molicel 2200mah cells from the modem packs and am experimenting with packs of 160P. I intend to build 14 packs to start so I will have to buy 340+more cells. I intend to use batrium as a BMS and already have charge controllers and...
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    18650 battery holders 4X5

    I'm looking for the best price on equipment for my 14kw 18650 build. Is this the best price for 4 X 5 battery holders? Cheers
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    Hi from Ontario Canada I'm here to learn how to build a powerwall from new, old stock 18650s I can purchase 1900 X 2200MAH cells that are new old stock if I act fast for 1.05US This looks good from what I have read. I would like to end up with a 20KW battery eventually to store my solar and wind...