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    [SELLING] 18650’s tested and partially assembled cells

    Do you have a price in mind for all of them. Im in NSW but with this COVID thing I may not be able to collect straight away
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    Hello from East Coast Canada

    I have found them in Ozito batteries as well but they are typically 1300mAh
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    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome I have just joined as well, very welcoming and great buch of like minded people.
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    Hello All, From NSW Australia

    Yes but I would say it’s about to go again. We even apparently have a vaccinated coved person come back positive overnight. They just jump as soon as someone sneezes.
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    Hello All, From NSW Australia

    yes it is, I have put a post on Buy swap sell on facebook and getting a few people handing over laptops. I also have two computer shops contacting me to take them. Battery world wont let you have any, and I have a mate that works at one and he said there half a 20 foot container full of them...
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    Hello All, From NSW Australia

    Im at Wauchope at the moment but moving west at end of year hence trying to see what i can do, AC cost just keep rising. I will be putting a wind turbine on as well as solar when I get out there. I have already 25kw solar panels ready to go but will be building that to around 40 to 50. Just need...
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    Hello All, From NSW Australia

    I saw them as well but Im 500 km away from them lol. I would be happy to pay postage for them.
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    Hello All, From NSW Australia

    Only just starting in this and love watching and reading what you guys are doing and have done, Want to go off grid in the future. I have started to look for laptop batteries but getting a lot of rejection from places, as they say you need a licence to collect them and or due to safety concerns...