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  1. OffGridInTheCity

    Did anyone see this...

    I have trouble picturing the shear POWER flow + efficiency (losses) creating all these fields down the length of the wire - e.g. to heat a hot water element for example. Is the POWER moving on the electromagnetic wave around the wire?!?! Maybe what I'm missing is more accurately picturing...
  2. OffGridInTheCity

    JK BMS problem, not balancing due to high resistance in balance cables

    Resistance - to reduce resistance can you 1) shorten the balance wiring or 2) make it thicker wire? (I know - obvious suggestions but its all I've got) I use Batrium w/longmons, the longmons (the actual balance hardware) are close to the packs and its the network loop that spans the distance...
  3. OffGridInTheCity

    OffGridInTheCity Build

    Further discussion has revealed that the wife is willing to discuss "GOLD" (as in gold bars I presume) as a quid-pro-quo for more panels. We'll see as work out the budget for 2022 :)
  4. OffGridInTheCity

    Hi everyone!!!!

    Look forward to some pics ./ details. Like you, I need 30-50kwh/day for heat (mostly) but in winter I'm only averaging 17-20kwh/day. Working on plans to put up more panels :).
  5. OffGridInTheCity

    Did anyone see this...

    Have no idea if this is true - but here's another explanation of @Vertasium's youtube.. I totally didn't get that the wires being parallel to each other were part of the original question - and if so, then this guy suggests you can look at like a capacity situation - e.g. nothing propagates...
  6. OffGridInTheCity

    Did anyone see this...

    Yes, I saw it and @Vertassium is one of my favorite subscriptions :) I know what you mean - He's saying the actual 'power' flows along as part of the *wave* (of something) rather than the movement of electrons. Ok, I can believe this but is the wave magnetism? or what exactly is carrying the...
  7. OffGridInTheCity

    Need help deciding what BMS to go with

    2400w/24v = 100a. Suggest a 125a or 150a 7s BMS. This is pretty mainstream and something like a DALY should work for you. This is just one suggestion - there are many in this 'lane' to choose from :)
  8. OffGridInTheCity

    House Battery and Energy Management

    I have a 14s lithium-ion battery bank - e.g.48v nominal. I've found that my discharge curve knee is right at 49.5v - e.g. 3.54v/cell. @Wolf is correct that there just isn't much power below 3.5v/cell - its *dramatic* and why stress the cells for almost no power? Better to just build a...
  9. OffGridInTheCity

    House Battery and Energy Management

    Operate with 3.54v/cell low (inverter cut-off) and 4.0v/cell max. At 4.0v/cell (56v) the house will run thru the night till next day PV production - e.g 24hrs/day. The overall yearly average hi is 3.83v/cell.
  10. OffGridInTheCity

    House Battery and Energy Management

    Yes sir. So far, I've spent $225/kwh (installed/hooked-up), to build an 81kwh 18650 second hand cell battery bank - average 90%+ capacity cells. The 13kw PV array off-grid system has required an average of 36.3% DOD on this battery to enable 100% consumption of the power produced for my...
  11. OffGridInTheCity

    Motorhome-builder here, looking for advice

    Welcome to the solar/battery addiction! What kind of advice are you looking for?
  12. OffGridInTheCity

    Cause of heater-effect at around 4.0V and high self discharge at full voltage (4.2 ... 4.0V)

    I (personally) define heaters as too hot to touch - e.g. somewhere greater than 60C/140F type of thing. There are also 'abnormally warm' cells - not sure the exact temp range but that's not the common case. I toss both kinds. The majority of heater cases for me were cells <1.0v to start...
  13. OffGridInTheCity

    Grad Student Looking for Research in used Lithium 18650 Cells

    Would be interested but the link doesn't work for me.
  14. OffGridInTheCity

    Charging 18650 pack in Paralel

    Sure, with proper switching you can switch them to be parallel and then to be in series - e.g. one or the other. One advantage would be balanced cells as part of the charge process. Of course cost of switches, and in particular.... the manual switching back/forth in-between charge and...
  15. OffGridInTheCity

    Batrium Critical Fault - How to identify?

    I agree about some weird things with Batrium. For me, Batrium will go weird / throw a fault *sometimes* if there's a heavy rain storm / humidity goes up rapidly. The unit is under the house with vents to the outside - so the humidity 'could'? be getting to it but its 8 ft from nearest vent...
  16. OffGridInTheCity

    Batrium Critical Fault - How to identify?

    First - when I've had trouble, Batrium support simply said... dump the log and look for the issue. Hmmmm... this never worked for me very well but it's their first advice - so..... :) Looking thru your log (1st post) I see these 3 lines.... ShuntSoc 70.0 100.5 Critical Events 3 SoC% 2.6 1.1...
  17. OffGridInTheCity

    Need help with automating 18650 tests

    Yea, you and everyone else! :) I do mine the old/manual way using OPUS(s). The closest thing you can *buy* that I've seen that helps 'a little bit' is the Megacell Charger.- Here's a past thread on it -...
  18. OffGridInTheCity

    So, I just gotta know...

    Its a matter of voltage range vs available equipment. I find that there are more options for 14s than 13s - e.g. more to choose from which leads to less $, especially if you're original choice dies and you need to look for new/alternate equipment.
  19. OffGridInTheCity

    Replacement of Lead Acid by 18650 LiCo

    Let me preface with... This is a DIY channel, and I don't say this as you must! - too much of that these days - but just offering an honest reaction :) *If I'm misunderstanding - then OK but seems like 14.5/3 = 4.8v/cell charging could occur. If the BMS fails, sounds like the cells could...