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  1. CarelHassink

    Balancing with Tesla SimpBMS

    Please understand the concept and working of the SIMPbms, it uses the slave-boards of the Tesla module, designed by Tesla... to balance check the board on the module, and have a good look at the smd resistors that are supposed to burn off the energy to balance then perhaps take a look at the...
  2. CarelHassink

    Dala's Leaf buildthread (2015 Nissan Leaf)

    Boy oh boy you have a fantasy please, please refrain from your undertaking, and keep the roads, your car, and passengers safe my 2 cents. Carel
  3. CarelHassink

    SimpBMS Tesla pack expansion tripping offline

    Hmm, nothing too intelligent, but since this is a new battery pack, and there was this major incident with the old pack>> perhaps start from scratch with a new flashed firmware. or even a new teensy 3.2, and take it from there to re-build your battery best Carel
  4. CarelHassink

    Victron suppliers? easy use the Victron website; find dealer option.....
  5. CarelHassink

    Victron suppliers?

    it helps if you tell the people here where/which location you wish to find a Victron outlet
  6. CarelHassink

    Cant see why my Simpbms is Unhappy

    Mr. Bashers, not sitting next to you and the system in your workshop, So here's my 2 cents: perhaps you have corrupted firmware, try flash a fresh new copy on your Teensy, and manually restore settings best Carel
  7. CarelHassink

    BMW i3, SimpBMS, Victron Multiplus 48v 5000 build

    Hello mr/mrs Bashers did you check the other 5 CSC's if there's a conflict?? ie you have 2x ID2?? Maybe you are lucky, and there's no duplicate on the can-bus. best regards, Carel
  8. CarelHassink

    Cable to extend Tesla bms loom

    Hi, did you recycle the original cable??, it should not be difficult, just make something from 2x 4 matching lenghts of 1mm2 multi strand wire, twist TX&RX, use nice 4 pole female/male connectors, and you're done I you are about to make your own, perhaps follow instructions as per manual...
  9. CarelHassink

    Victron Cerbo GX + SIMP BMS setup

    Ben, did you try swapping rx/tx wires of the Nextion, perhaps not connected correct.... another question did you see Nextion boot up showing SIMP logo?? could it be you did not flash SIMP firmware on Nextion?? as always giving support is a lot of guesswork my end, best of success with your...
  10. CarelHassink

    Victron Cerbo GX + SIMP BMS setup

    Ben, mr. Widmore 1) There are 3 ways of measuring SOC in your set-up: 1) your MultiPlus 2) your Smart shunt or 3) the SIMPbms My take have a go at the Smartshunt, as you have shed out the money already Read Manual for SIMP how to deactivate voltage based SOC 2) read the manual of Victron for...
  11. CarelHassink

    SimpBMS and

    The BMS is supposed to safeguard the battery, please use a set of contactors or trip shunt breaker controlled by SIMPbms to isolate and shutdown the system in case of an error, or simply when battery is full, allow discharge etc, all there in the manual I'm not so sure Solar-assistant can do...
  12. CarelHassink

    Double Burger with Victron Cerbo

    so we have a continuous supply of VAG VW MEB modules, and tried out something. 110kWh of VAG MEB modules in a 2 string 2x BMS setup connected to Victron Cerbo this is a teaser as how to make large storage batteries, using second-life VW ID3/4 (Skoda Enyaq) NMC batteries modules are 12S...
  13. CarelHassink

    BMW i3, SimpBMS, Victron Multiplus 48v 5000 build

    SIMPbms Teensy arduino breakout board + BMWi3 firmware will work with BMW i3 BMW i8 and e-MINI, so I think you're trying to use the wrong battery. It is not working with BMW hybrid battery packs, at least we never tested it. with the right BMW EV second-live battery, easiest way of connecting...
  14. CarelHassink

    SimpBMS, CerboGX, VictronSmartShunt - no current reading for BMS?

    Connect Smartshunt with ve-direct cable to Cerbo, done..
  15. CarelHassink

    Looking for a grid-tie inverter 12VDC battery to 230VAC for the brave, hook it up to HV-line of the battery< I thought the company had a 600-400dc to 48Vdc model too< use your existing Victron system as back-up to make use of your 100kWh Tesla..?? Carel
  16. CarelHassink

    reverse-engineered BMS, Teensy3.2 based, working with Tesla module oem slaveboard

    Hello fstoiber Perhaps contact me via e-mail, or via messenger on I have a couple of Tesla packs in stock, best regards, Carel Hassink
  17. CarelHassink

    reverse-engineered BMS, Teensy3.2 based, working with Tesla module oem slaveboard

    Aadithya, talk to Roman, your co-worker, it saves me the explanation on the subject of sourcing BMW i3's I've sold Voltfang 7x BMWi3 60/94Ahr batteries so far. Carel
  18. CarelHassink

    Expanding Li battery (Nissan Leaf)

    Tobias, thanx for the referral, doing my best.... battery layout for Nissan modules lately I had a client, addressing the 48module per drive battery issue, missing a 49st module He went for a design of 8S, and 6strings, bms DIY-bms by Stuart Pittaway. check youtube for more info on this bms...