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  1. Unrealeous

    60V DC battery switch

    Hi I'm building a 16s LiFeSo4 battery system so looking for a battery switch that can handle ~60V or greater. There are a myriad of battery switches that are rated to 48V, and I've seen many a photo of people using these on similar systems. However, has anyone come across a higher voltage...
  2. Unrealeous

    Case insensitive searching

    Is it possible to enable case-insensitive searching. eg searching for 'Fronius' or 'fronius' retrieves a different result set. I would imagine most people would prefer case-insensitive searching by default... Unless I'm mistaken there is not an option - even in the advanced search section...
  3. Unrealeous

    Hi from Canberra, Australia

    Greetings, I started researching batteries a few years back and worked out the commercial ones with a 10 year warranty and a 10+ year payback were a marginal proposition. Prices were dropping each year thoughso I thought I'd come back to it later. Anyway, I'd only started researching them...