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  1. Korishan

    Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor, Anyone use these?

    I came across these power monitoring system on Amazon and was wondering if anyone has used these before: Overall, considering the number of sensors, the price is pretty decent. Since I...
  2. Korishan

    Wal-Mart Clearance Sale on Laptop Battery Packs The above is going for $18USD. There's a lot of other packs that are up for sale as well. Should be able to order these online. I know the prices are aren't...
  3. Korishan

    Liquid Metal Batteries - As Good As The Hype? | Answers With Joe

    Big fan of Joe and love his content. He recently posted this one about Liquid Metal Batteries. Pretty interesting stuff. He's been posting battery and alternative energy related content recently. Check out his other videos. View:
  4. Korishan

    Popping/Hissing sound coming from batteries, not charging/discharging

    Background: I have a SU2200 UPS I've put into service, especially since we're getting into hurricane weather and it's at least nice to not have the router/computer/monitor flip out if a tree limb brushes up against the power line. The batteries I've used are reclaimed fork lift batteries. These...
  5. Korishan

    Reporting Spammers

    I would like to personally thank those who report spammers using the Report tool. This helps a lot. We don't always catch them on our own and having the community being an extra set of eyes helps. As an example, we recently got a report on a users profile. I checked them out and verified them...
  6. Korishan

    Fine Stranded Welding Cable

    I know there's some who have used welding cable for their battery main bus<->charging connections. I'm curious as to where you've gotten this cable from and about what price did you get them. My uncle is actually wanting to extend the length of leads on his welder. So the cable would actually go...
  7. Korishan

    Image isn't clickable?? In Wolf's thread above, he posted an image. This is the first image that I noticed that I can't click on to make larger. Why is this? I wasn't sure if this was a feature, a bug, or configuration thing.
  8. Korishan

    Layout Adjustments

    Could we get these check boxes increased in size, perhaps? And for us Mods, perhaps make a little more space between Edit and the box. To easy to hit the wrong thing. IMHO, I think the "Edit" should be part of the Moderation options that pops up after clicking the check box. But not sure if...
  9. Korishan

    Mark Forum as Read

    @mike In the previous version, we could mark a section as real easily by clicking on a Dark ball to the left of the head title. This marked all threads/comments in that section as read. Now, we have to go into that section, click the "Check all" button, then click "Mark as Read" which then we...
  10. Korishan

    SmarterEveryDay: Pecan Havesting

    I grew up next to a pecan grove. I have watched the vibrating harvesting and the pickup machine. But I have never seen it like this, or the further processing of the nuts. This is a great video to show the processing of such a wondering and widely distributed and enjoyed nut. So how do you...
  11. Korishan

    Jumping to first unread instead of last post

    Is there are way to have it so when you click on the link to the right of the thread, instead of jumping to the "Last Post", it jumps instead to the first of the posts you haven't read? Thread is started, there's 10 posts that you've read. You leave for the day, come back and there's 20 posts...
  12. Korishan

    electronicsNmore: Reliable Brand(WZRELB) 3000W/6000W Surge OFF-GRID Power Inverter

    Reliable Brand(WZRELB) 3000W/6000W Surge OFF-GRID Power Inverter Tests!
  13. Korishan

    Fungineers: Tested 3 different Nickel Strips from China

    Nice demonstration of China based "nickle" strips and how to test them.
  14. Korishan

    ProjectFarm: Will China's 18650 Battery Beat LG, Samsung, Sony & Panasonic?

    If you like this video, please go to ProjectFarms video and post a comment and/or a like. He does not make any money off sponsors and pays for everything out of pocket and from viewer interactions. All the support he can get from the viewers the better.
  15. Korishan

    White/Yellow Theme Layout

    I'm sorry Mike, but I'm not diggin the White/Yellow alternating theme :( It's too distracting. At first sight, I thought I had a lot of unread comments all over the board. If we're going to have themes, can we have enough where we can choose from a broader list? Or choose the alternating colors?
  16. Korishan

    18650 awesomist battery charging thingy

    Who has this now? I know Ave Rage Joe and HBPowerwall had it at one time, but it's been passed on I'm sure. Last I saw Joe had it, but that was over a year ago. Update: Joe had it in Nov 2018 when getting the packs ready for the cold weather test: